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Rok Černec
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Date: 5th May 2019

April 2019: ARK GitHub Development Bounty Program

The April development bounty program is over. A huge thanks goes out to our talented community developers who are continuously improving our codebase, and we welcome all of the new ones just joining!

We remain deeply thankful for those who contribute on a regular basis and are always thrilled to see new faces. Be sure to spread the word about our bounty program to help get more involved in the development of the ARK Ecosystem.

Don’t know what this is about and want to get involved? Please have a read at : https://bounty.ark.io

We have several issues that have fixed bounties assigned to them (tier 0 and tier 1). You can see the list here and choose one to tackle by requesting to be assigned to it on GitHub. In the upcoming weeks you can expect much more of the predefined tier 0 and tier 1 tasks as we refine this process, along with more Desktop Wallet related tier 0 projects. We will list them in their respective repositories along with posting them here monthly.

Tier 0 Open Projects

ARK Core

ARK Explorer

Tier 1 Open Projects

ARK Core

And here are the participants and winners of the April 2019 Github development bounty program!

April 2019 Participants

dated — $214 USD

Number of pull requests: 19

  • feat(core-api): add rounds endpoint 2019–04–07 13:19:35core#2369$50 USD
  • feat: add styles to details/summary 2019–04–10 09:03:43docs#371$25 USD
  • feat: remove productivity 2019–04–23 16:12:07explorer#592$25 USD
  • docs: title-casing 2019–04–16 15:50:08docs#380$25 USD
  • refactor(core-api): remove active delegates endpoint 2019–04–02 13:16:24core#2357$10 USD
  • docs: update bounties page 2019–04–12 11:03:52docs#379$10 USD
  • misc: add space before opening parens and capitalization 2019–04–12 09:57:30docs#378$10 USD
  • docs: adjust tables 2019–04–11 13:32:50docs#377$10 USD
  • docs: rework esp32 and esp8266 pages 2019–04–10 16:59:18docs#372$10 USD
  • fix: display second signature icon 2019–04–08 11:14:34explorer#608$10 USD
  • docs: update CLI documentation 2019–04–04 12:36:46docs#366$5 USD
  • chore: add github templates, code owners and readme cleanup 2019–04–08 06:36:03paper-wallet#12$5 USD
  • docs: removes changelogs 2019–04–11 13:19:19docs#376$5 USD
  • chore: use ARK as prefix for everything 2019–04–10 11:51:46core#2397$5 USD
  • fix(crypto): add exceptions for invalid recipients 2019–04–25 02:51:38core#2471$5 USD
  • chore: title case of new article 2019–04–25 09:08:58docs#390$1 USD
  • chore: fix absolute banner urls 2019–04–24 11:02:13core#2469$1 USD
  • docs: remove active delegates endpoint 2019–04–04 11:32:08docs#365$1 USD
  • chore: fix v2.3 links 2019–04–29 22:14:50security-vulnerabilities#10$1 USD

Nigui — $45 USD

Number of pull requests: 3

  • fix: prevent wallet managers from indexing/creating ghost wallets 2019–04–12 10:03:16core#2405$25 USD
  • fix(core-database): handle unknown transaction search 2019–04–11 13:12:09core#2404$10 USD
  • fix(core-tester-cli): init config manager from network preset 2019–04–09 11:42:28core#2384$10 USD

NayiemWillems — $33 USD

Number of pull requests: 5

  • added simplified chinese translations (Zhong Wen) 2019–04–30 06:12:55mobile-wallet#309$25 USD
  • chore: add Altilly Exchange Wallet 2019–04–19 10:20:07explorer#611$5 USD
  • chore: sort known wallets alphabetically 2019–04–21 02:01:38explorer#612$1 USD
  • Removed duplicate line 109 in Swedish translation file. 2019–04–16 21:18:18mobile-wallet#307$1 USD
  • Added Altilly Exchange to known wallets. 2019–04–20 21:48:43desktop-wallet#1199$1 USD

FloryanFilip — $25 USD

Number of pull requests: 1

  • Add Polish translation strings 2019–04–04 15:59:56mobile-wallet#302$25 USD

jamesbooker — $25 USD

Number of pull requests: 1

  • chore: upgrade to work with node.js 11 2019–04–08 06:33:41paper-wallet#11$25 USD

vulet — $10 USD

Number of pull requests: 1

  • fix: build fail on xcode 10.2 2019–04–30 11:31:31mobile-wallet#304$10 USD

marekhoeven — $10 USD

Number of pull requests: 1

  • fix: copy button on iOS 2019–04–16 18:31:27explorer#609$10 USD

alessiodf — $10 USD

Number of pull requests: 1

  • fix(core): parse only the last line of pm2 stdout 2019–04–26 02:34:28core#2484$10 USD

Jarunik — $5 USD

Number of pull requests: 1

  • docs: add blockchain endpoint 2019–04–11 10:05:52docs#375$5 USD

Special Contributions & Rewards


Delegate ‘Fun’ reported an issue where you could mistakenly (or intentionally) send coins to address that is not part of the current network (e.g. to BTC address, it would confirm transaction, but those coins would be lost since Ark’s prefix starts with ‘A’). This has been resolved by updating AJV validation schema for address to check that the address is on current network and in effect rejecting transactions that don’t follow current validation schema.

Are there any other development bounties going on?

Yes! There is also the community run ACF (ARK Community Fund) — read more here:

And remember to join our Slack!


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