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Justin Renken
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Date: 10th Dec 2019

ARK Adventure Vlog: Najah Roberts at the Crypto Blockchain Plug Inglewood, CA

We truly appreciate the strong and resilient community that surrounds ARK. That’s why we want to make sure you feel like you’re a part of the action! Follow me as I travel for ARK and document the team bringing our promising technology to people around the world. This is the eighth episode of ARK Adventures, a vlog designed to give you a front-row seat to a day in the life of ARK.

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Vlog Schedule

If you are wondering how often these vlogs will come out, they will be released as adventures happen. Because of this, they will be more spaced out than a standard vlog that may have a new episode every day or every week. However, you are welcome to subscribe to The ARK Crypto Podcast, hosted by me, which has new episodes out every Friday! Get vlog reminders and notifications by subscribing to Youtube.ARK.io.


This episode offers something a little different. In the first installment of the ARK Adventure series, I traveled to the Inglewood-based crypto meetup center and OTC trading desk to attend the launch party and give a talk on ARK. It was my first experience attending a crypto meetup center, and I found it to be a fun, relaxed, and community-oriented environment. I knew there was something special about it and wanted to figure out how to give something back to that community while also helping ARK.

Fast forward six months, and the concept of a live event and YouTube show surrounding crypto trivia showed up. It partially stemmed from an adventure I went on to Iowa where, among other things, I asked people crypto trivia questions or had them tell me trivia facts in exchange for receiving ARK and a prize. Crypto Trivia Night became the way to contribute to the activities of the Crypto Blockchain Plug that was on-brand for them, while also helping raise ARK awareness.

Upon the suggestion of ARK.io Chairman Matthew DC for this adventure, I realized that while I was personally experiencing the community aspects of this crypto meetup center, I hadn’t really shared their story up until now. This episode features Najah Roberts, Chief Visionary Officer of the Crypto Blockchain Plug, sharing the story of how the crypto meetup center came to be, what types of activities happen there, as well as what it’s like running the space. The end features a detailed tour of the space.

More Adventures to Come

2019 has in store more opportunities for adventures just like this. Keep it locked on Youtube.ARK.io to stay involved in the action. Do you have an idea for an ARK Adventure? Let me know on Slack.ARK.io, Discord.ARK.io or Reddit.ARK.io by contacting me @ doubled1c3.


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