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Justin Renken
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Date: 8th Nov 2019

ARK Adventure Vlog: WCC Expo and Poker Tournament Las Vegas, NV

We truly appreciate the strong and resilient community that surrounds ARK. That’s why we want to make sure you feel like you’re a part of the action! Follow me as I travel for ARK and document the team bringing our promising technology to people around the world. This is the seventh episode of ARK Adventures, a vlog designed to give you a front-row seat to a day in the life of ARK.

ARK Adventures: WCC Expo and Poker Tournament Las Vegas, NV

Catch the first six episodes here if you missed them:

Vlog Schedule

If you are wondering how often these vlogs will come out, they will be released as adventures happen. Because of this, they will be more spaced out than a standard vlog that may have a new episode every day or every week. However, you are welcome to subscribe to The ARK Crypto Podcast, hosted by me, which has new episodes out every Friday! Get vlog reminders and notifications by subscribing to Youtube.ARK.io.


In this episode, I head to the World Crypto Conference and Poker Tournament. I have a full laundry list of goals for the trip, including multiple media interviews talking about ARK. I also promote the new YouTube channel Crypto Trivia Night by dishing out ARK and commemorative coins provided by Delegates Arkmoon and Jarunik in exchange for correct trivia answers. For the new channel and game show, I collected a couple dozen ‘cameo questions’ where personalities in the crypto space ask their own trivia questions on camera that will be featured on the show. Lastly, I join as a participant in the World Crypto Poker Tournament and go heads up against big names in the worlds of both poker and crypto. Dean van Dugteren, Founder and CEO of nOS building on ARK, was also in attendance for the expo and tournament.

ARK Co-founder Travis Walker (right) with poker pro Scotty Nguyen (left) at WCPT 2019.ARK Co-founder Travis Walker (right) with poker pro Scotty Nguyen (left) at WCPT 2019.

The featured table ARK logo sponsorship is not executed through the ARK.io business entity but via the personal funds of ARK Co-Founder Travis Walker. Travis is a long-time lover of poker and, just like last year’s tournament, kept the tradition going by connecting poker enthusiasts to ARK through this sponsorship. Thanks, Travis!

More Adventures to Come

2019 has in store more opportunities for adventures just like this. Keep it locked on Youtube.ARK.io to stay involved in the action. Do you have an idea for an ARK Adventure? Let me know on Slack.ARK.io, Discord.ARK.io or Reddit.ARK.io by contacting me @ doubled1c3.


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