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Ray Alvarez
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Date: 30th Nov 2020

ARK Announces Partnership with VEEN Foundation & LIVEEN

As we approach the launch of MarketSquare, we want to give our community an inside look at some of the partnerships we have formed. These strategic partnerships will not only help make MarketSquare the new homepage for the decentralized web but will also create inroads between ARK and other projects looking to build and collaborate together. Today we would like to introduce you to the VEEN Foundation and their platform LIVEEN!

What is LIVEEN?

LIVEEN is a blockchain-based data platform built on Ethereum that provides users with rewards in return for their data. LIVEEN is inherently a mobile data platform that allows users to opt-in to share their data and be rewarded in return. LIVEEN will automatically collect a user’s GPS data in 15-minute intervals and give points to the users as compensation. These points can then be exchanged for VEEN tokens which can be used within LIVEEN’s ecosystem or within the mobile data platform.

The LIVEEN Ecosystem is built around users being able to spend their VEEN tokens in the easiest and most efficient way possible. Things that users can use VEEN Tokens for range from online learning, online shopping, donations or the app’s built-in exchange market. LIVEEN has ecosystem partners from various fields and was integrated into Samsung’s Blockchain Keystore in September 2019.

One of the main goals of LIVEEN is to bring their application to the unbanked population in Southeast Asia. Through collaboration with their ecosystem partners, they hope to expand their services in order to help the unbanked users transition to a traditional financial market.

The Benefits of LIVEEN’s platform are:

  • Giving users control over their data;
  • Allowing users to share data with marketing partners and receive compensation.
  • Providing better data to marketing partners.

LIVEEN and MarketSquare

As we continue to work towards a community focused on pushing the blockchain industry forward, making strong ties with our partners is one of our main goals.

The beginning of our partnership with the VEEN foundation and LIVEEN marks a broader initiative to include projects from around the industry and give them a platform on MarketSquare. Additionally, the MarketSquare team is creating various forms of educational content that will form the backbone of the platform.

MarketSquare will not only be a place where users from around the blockchain industry can build community together, but it will also be a place that provides reliable and educational information on the various projects, applications and businesses within the industry.

LIVEEN and the VEEN Foundation both share MarketSquare’s vision and we are glad to have them as a partner as we collaborate and look towards a fruitful partnership on both sides.

If you would like to sign up for the MarketSquare beta plase go to MarketSquare.io. To learn more about LIVEEN and the VEEN Foundation, please visit their website.


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