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Ray Alvarez
Reading time: 2 min
Date: 20th Jan 2021

ARK Announces Partnership With CoinCodeCap

As we approach the launch of MarketSquare, we want to give our community an inside look at some of the partnerships we have formed. These strategic partnerships will not only help make MarketSquare the new homepage for the decentralized web but will also create inroads between ARK and other projects looking to build and collaborate together. Today we would like to introduce you to CoinCodeCap!

What is CoinCodeCap?

CoinCodeCap is a review site and service that focuses on several areas that coincide with MarketSquare’s vision. CoinCodeCap focuses on sifting through various projects and products within the blockchain industry and diving into reviews of their code and services.

One of the first areas that garnered attention for CoinCodeCap was their in-depth Development Analysis Reports.

Check out the Development Report they made for ARK.io!

In these reports, CoinCodeCap would gauge a project’s progress by comparing it against different development metrics. This includes searching through different code repositories, analyzing code contributions and development engagement.

To date, CoinCodeCap has done in-depth reports on projects such as ARK and Komodo just to name a few. Just by checking out their website you can see reviews on everything from trading bots to hardware wallets, to popular exchanges.

The benefit of sites like CoinCodeCap are:

  • Distilling complicated concepts into easy to understand articles
  • Development Reports that focus on how a project is performing and if they are delivering on their vision.
  • Reviews on 100s of products within the industry.

To learn more about CoinCodeCap, follow them on Twitter and check out their website!

MarketSquare and CoinCodeCap

We are happy to be welcoming CoinCodeCap to MarketSquare. One of the main goals for MarketSquare is to provide a robust publishing interface and system that can be utilized by all of our partners. We will be revealing more on this in the near future!

Make sure to sign up for the mailing list at MarketSquare.io for updates and invitations to our beta!

In the meantime, we look to welcome more partners that are focused on providing high quality content to those looking to learn more about the blockchain industry.

Make sure to join MarketSquare by becoming a part of our growing community on Discord, YouTube, and Twitter.


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