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Ray Alvarez
Reading time: 2 min
Date: 11th Dec 2020

ARK Announces Partnership With Rabona

As we continue building towards MarketSquare’s beta, we wanted to celebrate all the great projects and applications from the Hive ecosystem that will be joining us on MarketSquare. Today we would like to introduce you to Rabona!

What is Rabona?

Rabona is a massive multiplayer online soccer management game built on the Hive blockchain. Players decide how to build and develop their team, take on the role of the head coach and manage the financials of their club. Lead your club to the top of the league and become the champion!

Soccer Simulator games have long been fan favorites for players looking to manage all aspects of soccer. From customizing your lineup to figuring out operation costs for your club, you can tell that Rabona has had a lot of thought and work go into the game mechanics.

The game is developed in Germany and built by an experienced and highly motivated team. Tim and Oli are quite busy turning Rabona into one of the most unique soccer simulators in recent memory. With a native RBN token, the ability to own your in-game assets, and other features on the way, it doesn’t take much to understand what makes Rabona special.

The benefits of blockchain games like Rabona are vast but here are some of the stand-out reasons:

  • Developers have an easy way to allow for the buying and selling of in-game assets.
  • Players have ownership over their in-game assets and can store them securely within their own wallets.
  • Builds closer relationships between developers and players allowing for collaboration and the ability to influence the development and evolution of the game.

To learn more about Rabona, check them out on their website, blog and Twitter.

The Goal of MarketSquare

Over the last week, we have announced partnerships with a large number of impressive applications and games from within the Hive Ecosystem. The goal of MarketSquare, no pun intended, is to continue shining a spotlight on notable projects, businesses and applications within our industry. By doing this, we create inroads with our partners that lead to further collaboration. Additionally, we continue to engage in community-building with our partners and help solidify MarketSquare’s place as the new homepage for the decentralized web.

Don’t forget to join the MarketSquare beta by signing up at MarketSquare.io. We also recently just launced our community on Discord.

If you feel your project or application would be a good fit for MarketSquare, please reach out to us at Ray@ARK.io.


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