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Ray Alvarez
Reading time: 3 min
Date: 9th Dec 2020

ARK Announces Partnership with Rising Star

As we continue building towards MarketSquare’s beta, we wanted to celebrate all the great projects and applications from the Hive ecosystem that will be joining us on MarketSquare. Today we would like to introduce you to Rising Star!

What is the Rising Star?

Rising Star is a card-based RPG that runs entirely on the Hive Blockchain. The premise of the game is to work your way up from a lowly busker (Street Musician) all the way to a global megastar.

The game has you doing everything on your path to stardom, from completing missions all the way to unlocking permanent fans in the form of collectible NFTs. To say the game is a vast undertaking would be an understatement. Here are just some of the activities you can do in-game:

  • Carry out missions such as Illegal Busking and gain experience and fans to progress.
  • Play for free or accelerate your music career by buying random NFT card packs that increase your fanbase and musical skills.
  • Trade NFTs with the in-game market place.
  • Find temporary power-ups and even win NFTs during missions.
  • Unlock band members and build your band.
  • Create real songs using combinations of characters and instruments.
  • Enjoy the in-game radio featuring blockchain musicians.
  • Join the friendly community of players on Discord and discuss tactics.

The most intriguing thing about Rising Star, besides all of the care and thought that went into the game mechanics, is the ability for players to own their in-game assets. NFTs and special cards unlocked during playthroughs can be sold within the in-game marketplace. Blockchain and gaming open the door to a multitude of different possibilities for gamers and Rising Star does a great job highlighting these aspects. Some of the benefits of the game include:

  • Ownership over in-game assets.
  • A platform for independent musicians to share their music on the blockchain.
  • An ecosystem that promotes transparency and supports game developers.

We are happy to welcome Rising Star to MarketSquare and we have a special giveaway sponsored by Rising Star. To find out more about it go to the Giveaway section of the MarketSquare Discord.

Don’t forget to join the MarketSquare beta by signing up at MarketSquare.io. We also recently just launched our community on Discord. To learn more about Rising Star head over to their website and join their community on Discord as well.

If you feel your project or application would be a good fit for MarketSquare, please reach out to us at Ray@ARK.io.


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