Rok Černec
Reading time: 3 min
Date: 4th Oct 2017

ARK Block Explorer: Reloaded

ARK has released an all new Blockchain Explorer . As you may have seen in recent weeks, the current explorer had difficulty handling large traffic spikes. The ‘Delegate Monitor’ often froze due to heavy traffic loads, and during these down times, it would show inaccurate data. At times the explorer showed missed blocks from delegates, when in fact everything was OK. Well, say goodbye to that old explorer, and hello to the new ARK Explorer!

MAINNET Explorer Link:

GitHub Repository :

So What is New?

We wanted to preserve the feel and functionality from the previous explorer, while redesigning it to match our current overall design philosophy.

Just how we want blockchains to be — simple, clean and minimalisticAs you can see, we wanted a clean, minimalist look that is straight to the point. We also added an ARK chart on the main page, with several options that pull data from CoinMarketCap.

But there is more — we also implemented ‘Dark Mode’ for all who prefer a dark look or have sensitive eyes. You are now able to switch the explorer theme to ‘Dark Mode’ in the upper menu! Awesome, right?

While the feel of the old explorer is retained in the new version, under the hood things are completely revamped. The frontend of the Explorer itself has been redone using AngularJS framework and TypeScript programming language to match our needs, while better tackling large amounts of traffic and requests from users via load balancing. The way the previous explorer was coded, it did not match our future needs, nor could it scale with our increasing volume and traffic loads.

The new explorer will also be utilized for our DevNet, along with ARK projects/clones in the future. That’s right, ARK cloned chains can utilize this new explorer as well. As with everything ARK develops, this is open-sourced under MIT license.

How Can You Help Out?

As with all new software, at the beginning there is bound to be some bugs, glitches, typos, and things to improve.

Feel free to test out new explorer, and if you observe anything odd, or have a suggestion, please open a GitHub issue, so our developers can get on it:

What is Next for ARK?

We are releasing a new website that will match our recent design changes, but as usual we are not giving an exact date, we’ll only say it’s around the corner.

Our motto: “ARK gives no dates, we just deliver.”

For our developers who are testing on DEVNET — Dexplorer also sports this new look: .