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Rok Černec
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Date: 18th Jul 2017

Ark Community Fund (ACF) Logo Contest with Bounty

Ark Community Fund is a separate entity from ARK team and is entirely ran by ARK community members.

The ACF has asked the ARK Crew if we could help spread the word of their latest bounty and progress of their program. Of course we are more than happy to help so here is the message from the ACF:

Message from ACF board members

The Ark Community Fund (ACF) established its foundation and we are ready to go public. We want to create our own logo as a first step towards a complete web presence. The new ACF logo will be chosen by the ACF Board with community help, and fully designed by the community.

How will the logo design contest work?

  • Submit your logo design to before the 31st of August 2017.
  • The ACF board will judge submissions the first week of September and will consider community feedback.
  • Publishing of winners and Payment of bounty after judging.

ACF will sponsor the following bounties for the contest:

  • 1st place: 1000 ARK
  • 2nd place: 500 ARK
  • 3rd place: 250 ARK

Conditions of the contests:

  • ACF will get all rights on all submitted material and is free to use it in any way.
  • Submission has to include scalable vector graphics source (.svg or similar)
  • You are not allowed to use any material where you do not own full copyrights
  • There should be no potential confusion with the official ARK Logo

Please hand in your submission to before the 31st of August 2017. Feel free to discuss any questions you have with ACF members on slack.

Progress Update of Ark Community Fund

The ACF board has progressed well behind the scenes and we have achieved the following results:

  • Dedicated ACF slack to discuss proposals
  • Internal processes and tools for communication established
  • Reoccurring board meetings to discuss proposals and own projects
  • Discussion of more than 5 proposals and a lot of ideas
  • Active ACF delegate to collect rewards for the fund
  • A lot of donations from the community
  • Funding amount of over 150,000 ARK

We are happy to receive proposals to support your projects. Please get in contact with us on Ark Slack and hand in your proposals for your projects:

  • Dafty
  • Toons
  • Michaelthecryptoguy
  • Jamiec79
  • Jarunik

You can also just leave a message in the channel #communityfund .


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