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Rok Černec
Reading time: 4 min
Date: 29th Oct 2018

ARK Core: Testathon

This is it, the final countdown has begun! Do you want to help us in the final stage of testing before we move Core V2 to MainNet? Do you like the idea of getting more ARK for being a part of something that is for the greater good of the Ecosystem? Then this final testing stage is for you!

We are now ready to enter the final stage of testing before we launch Core V2 to MainNet. We felt that this momentous occasion deserved something special. As such, to help encourage participation and to make things a little more fun, we have decided to run what we are calling the “ARK V2 Testathon”.

This Testathon will last one week and will feature YOU, the users & delegates. In this phase of testing, you will be the main attraction and we will be standing by to offer support where needed.

Join our Slack and #devnet channel to get into action and get help if you get stuck in the process.

How Will It Work?

From the 1st of November 2018, 7:00 am UTC through the 8th of November 2018, 7:00 am UTC you’ll have time to test whatever you can dream of on DevNet. If you find any issues or better yet, find issues and provide solutions you’d not only make ARK better, but you have the opportunity to add to your ARK wallet. We have decided that during that time we’ll be running a special event that will give you:

  • $20 USD worth of ARK rewarded for each accepted issue (no solution provided).
  • $50 USD worth of ARK rewarded for each accepted small issue with provided solution (example: configurations issues, wrong variable names).
  • $100 USD worth of ARK rewarded for each accepted medium issue with solution (example: anything that causes problems but doesn’t prevent the node from being operational — issues with the public API, Webhooks, RPC, snapshots, etc.).
  • $200 USD worth of ARK rewarded for each accepted higher issue with solution (issues or bugs in essentials of the Core - blockchain, P2P, forger, state machine, tx pool, rollbacks, etc.).
  • Security vulnerability : contact us.

Accepted issues will get tagged as accepted by one of our developers if its legit and has all the information. All issues opened are first come, first serve. Duplicates will be rejected. Be sure to describe in detail what you encountered and how it can be reproduced/fixed.

Disclaimer: “Issues” that are out of scope of the testing (DDoS, shutting down your own node to not forge anymore, removing plugins that are essential, comments, typos, …) are not eligible for these Testathon bounties as they aren’t an issue rather a nuisance that is out of scope of code when they happen. If you find a security vulnerability, please report it directly to us. These types of issues will face our normal security vulnerability reporting procedures and rewards structure.

So even if you are not a coder, but find an issue in the Core while testing or see something that could be improved — don’t hesitate to open an issue on GitHub.

For solution finders (pull-request openers) you can tackle any of the reported issues. As to not duplicate any efforts, you can write “dibs” on the issue that you will be resolving (if you’ll be finding issues on your own, you can just open an issue and tackle it yourself by noting that you will provide the solution shortly). All “dibs” labels then have 48 hours to solve that issue (provide PR) else someone else can write “dibs” and tackle it.

Merged PRs will also get counted towards our Monthly Development GitHub Bounty , where you can get a bigger piece of the pie. That’s right, this Testathon week will also go towards the monthly GitHub bounty program so you will have even more opportunities to earn ARK. But wait, there’s more!

Everyone with at least 1 accepted issue or 1 provided solution during the Testathon week will be eligible for our drawing to receive an ARK Branded Ledger Nano S. We’ll select 2 random winners who will each receive a limited edition branded ARK Ledger Nano S!

Let’s get this rollin’.

P.S. Don’t forget to join our Slack #devnet channel.


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