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Rok Černec
Reading time: 2 min
Date: 20th Jan 2018

ARK Deployer : First Steps Towards Easy Blockchain Deployment

One of the key tenets of ARK’s business model is the Push-Button blockchain deployment. Our goal for ARK is to create the core experience and modular ecosystem that does for blockchain what Wordpress has done for websites and blogging. While we are not yet ready to debut our full “Point. Click. Blockchain.” system, today we would like to take the first step towards making our vision a reality. Today we are officially releasing ARK Deployer.

ARK Deployer is a lightweight deployment script for creating your own ARK based blockchains. By utilizing the ARK Deployer, developers can create their own blockchain in a matter of minutes. ARK Deployer is just the first step in building a more robust ecosystem that will be user friendly, customizable, and will feature the same caliber of user experience you have all come to expect from an ARK project.

The ARK Deployer script is being published for developers, hackers and tech enthusiast to launch their own blockchain based on ARK technology, start learning how the ARK ecosystem works, and get accustomed to the code. It will also be our featured tool for upcoming hackathons to allow our team to quickly show and setup custom blockchains for participants or for participants to set it up on their own.

Installation instructions and code can be found at: https://github.com/ArkEcosystem/ark-deployer

ARK Chain is launched with preconfigured ARK blockchain parameters and can also be adjusted to fit your custom needs.

ARK Deployer configures, deploys and integrates the following:

  1. Deploys ARK node in auto-forging mode on a single computer / server, with 51 forging genesis delegates ( clones the ARK node and sets their custom parameters, creates their own genesis file with auto-forging delegates ).
  2. Deploys ARK explorer that is already configured and talking with installed ARK node ( clones, configures, installs and integrates ARK explorer with the ARK node ).
  3. Configures ARK API for the developer to start exploring, hacking and developing solutions based on ARK Ecosystem technology ( REST API Swagger docs available at http://ark.brianfaust.me ).

A Vagrant script is also available, where we even automated the deployer steps ( read instructions in GitHub repository ).

Special thanks to our core developer Alex Barnsley for being a lead on this and Brian Faust for helping out.


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