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Rok Černec
Reading time: 3 min
Date: 18th Mar 2019

ARK Deployer v2: Create Your Own ARK Based Blockchain in Minutes

Behold, the long anticipated and highly requested Deployer v2! The ARK Deployer has been completely updated and is now compatible with the new ARK Core v2 codebase.

To those unfamiliar with the ARK Deployer, its primary purpose is to help you quickly create your own blockchain by following simple instructions using the Deployer CLI. With some basic technical knowledge you can be up and running in less than half an hour!

Installation instructions and code can be found at:

The ARK Deployer is the perfect solution for anyone who wants to create a custom blockchain based on ARK technology stack — for any reason. Whether it is for learning purposes, a commercial application, hackathons, or meetups, the Deployer is your answer for fast and simple blockchain creation.

Full step by step guide on how to deploy your blockchain: https://blog.ark.io/ark-deployer-v2-55b96555d10e

The new version is no longer limited to just a single new Bridgechain network. The Deployer now creates new config files for the Mainnet, Devnet, and Testnet networks, giving you full environment setup for custom bridgechain development.This provides you or your team a solid base blockchain environment for your new project/idea/business, enabling your team to focus on application development while your bridgechain is already running.

Additional improvements include:

  • Dynamic and Static Fee configuration.
  • Ability to specify default peers for the Mainnet and Devnet networks.
  • Git commands to commit and set the remote origin of the codebase so it can be pushed instantly (assuming the local machine uses SSH keys).
  • Licensing options to automatically update License files with new information.

Deployer launches your blockchain with pre-configured ARK blockchain parameters that can be adjusted to fit your custom needs. Everything is configurable including the number of delegates, block times, rewards, fees, and much more.

ARK Deployer configures, deploys, and integrates the following:

  1. Deploys ARK Core Testnetin auto-forging mode on a single computer/server, with forging genesis delegates (clones the ARK Core and sets their custom parameters, creates a genesis file with auto-forging delegates).Note: to auto-forge on Mainnet and Devnet, the delegates.json file needs copying as per the instructions at the end of the install.
  2. Deploys ARK Explorer that is configured and talks with the installed ARK Core (clones, configures, installs, and integrates ARK Explorer with the ARK Core).
  3. Configures ARK API for the developer to start exploring, hacking and developing solutions based on ARK Core technology. API Documentation is available at *https://docs.ark.io/api/public/v2/

The ARK Deployer v2 provides the base for our upcoming graphical interface product (GUI version) that will allow for blockchain creation, as the slogan that we’ve been using for some time now suggests— Point. Click. Blockchain.

Our next major software release will truly bring “Point. Click. Blockchain.” to life. With a GUI version of our deployer you will literally be able to have a Push Button Blockchain (as it has been dubbed by our community). We don’t have an exact date for release yet, but it is in the works and is progressing well. We don’t want to give it all away, but our revisited business strategy for this “Push Button Blockchain” concept will gradually become a base for much of our upcoming business solutions and other new projects we have in the pipeline, but more on this in one of our upcoming blog posts.

Push Button Blockchain is the next major step in the ARK Ecosystem lifecycleYou can use our Github to report issues or provide some feedback for improvements: https://github.com/arkecosystem/deployer/issues

We can’t wait for all of you to give the new Deployer a spin, provide feedback, find bugs and help us improve it even further.


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