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Rok Černec
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Date: 14th Dec 2018

ARK Desktop Wallet v2.1.0 Released

A new version of the ARK Desktop Wallet has been released. The best ARK wallet just got even better thanks to your input! Many of the improvements and new features are a direct result of community feedback, testing and bug reporting.

It has only been two weeks since the release of version 2 of our Desktop Wallet and there have already been several improvements and bug fixes. A sincere Thank You to the community developers who have helped ARK in the past and continue to support us.

The new wallet is available for download at:

Hashes for 2.1.0. of Desktop Wallets (SHA256)

  • Linux (Ark.Desktop.Wallet-2.1.0.tar.gz) 70d5dcda709caf84ddef9a82c1118755be44b72d52785aad4130e127a64d84d7
  • MacOS (Ark.Desktop.Wallet-2.1.0.dmg) 58fe5c8c7683a83ea0857f294e00502fee81204eaf5471d8b040209c06de0291
  • Ubuntu (Ark.Desktop.Wallet-amd64–2.1.0.deb) 7f6b50aa010915bdf79f9a11478dfd5dfc7d962cb0dd1598bde4ef4acf53675f
  • Windows X86 (Ark.Desktop.Wallet-x86–2.1.0.exe) 1685233b81d79bd9b40e1d95f8f3b1dbe97b34821a8ee4da6fe2af9826accd53
  • Windows X64 (Ark.Desktop.Wallet-x64–2.1.0.exe) 24323e0203371e0acc705cc2202e8f83a2ddb1802d0b57c5967fd63734c8424a
  • Linux-AppImage***(Ark.Desktop.Wallet-x86_64–2.1.0.AppImage)*** 915068ceb520cb195b4a39c4cad552cb304980f83795fee4fdb4b3e9f902b4b2

What was fixed or added?

  • Renaming Ledger wallets — it is now possible to rename your Ledger wallets from the default name to a customized name. You can set the name by opening a Ledger wallet, clicking the three vertical dots on the right and selecting “Wallet name” to rename it.

You can now rename your Ledger wallets- Including Ledger wallets in the total balance — The total balance of all wallets, including Ledger wallets is now displayed at the top of the wallet overview page.

Total balance now takes into account your Ledger wallets- Optional caching of the Ledger wallets — gives the option of caching Ledger wallets to speed up initial loading. This is useful for users with multiple Ledger addresses. This is off by default and the switch can be found on the “My wallets” page when a Ledger is plugged in. If the option is turned off, all cached Ledger wallets for that profile are removed from the cache.

Option to cache Ledger wallets (saving to local storage)- Update Ledger in the background — In the settings menu you can now choose to Update Ledger addresses in the background. Turning this on will continue to update all ledger addresses while in the main transaction screen. This runs a process in the background to determine if transactions have been processed. If off, pending/expired transactions will only show when viewing a specific Ledger wallet address.

Option to update Ledger in the background for up to date data- Rebroadcast expired transactions — After the default expiration of 45 minutes, expired transactions can now be rebroadcast with a simple click of the “Resend” button. Alternatively, you can choose to discard the transaction.

Resend or discard expired transaction- Adding Changelly as an option to purchase ARKChangelly is now integrated with the v2 wallet. After the release of the v2 wallet, we received many questions asking when Changelly would be re-implemented and we heard you loud and clear. This integration of Changelly is a basic version that will mimic the performance you are familiar with from v1 of our desktop wallet. Our next release will feature a new and blended design that better matches the aesthetic of the rest of the wallet.

You can now purchase ARK from within ARK Desktop Wallet- Properly validate fields when populated by AIP 13 (URI Scheme) — if you are using ARK’s URI scheme it now properly validates fields and makes it possible to send a TX. URI scheme plays a big role in our upcoming ARK Pay module.

Properly validates and fills up all fields that were obtained from URI link- Show full time of the transaction —the full date and time are now shown for transactions.

Shows full date and time of the transaction in the tx list- Show peer in the “Network” settings — now properly displays peer you are connected to on the mainnet (it was showing as none previously, although you were connected to a peer).

Shows peer you are currently connected to- Shows “Rank” inside voted banner — SelectingDelegates on the wallet page now displays a banner the bottom showing the delegate and rank for whom you are currently voting.

Now also showing rank of the voted delegate- Obtain and display the balance of contacts — you can now view balances of the added contacts on the “My contacts” page.

Balance of the contacts is now displayed- Recipient search case insensitive for better UI experience we made recipient case insensitive (was sensitive before).

Searching for recipient is now case insensitive- Display helper text when a known address is recognized — when the address is a known address, a helper text will be displayed under the Recipient field.

Shows a text below the field if its recognised wallet- Inputting small numbers into the input field — the input of small numbers has been corrected. For example, 1e-7 now is properly displayed as 0.0000001.

Before / After- Option to enable or disable chart on the dashboard — you can now disable or enable the price chart on the dashboard in settings.

Option to enable or disable chart- Add avatar profile “more” icon — Alerts to the presence of a profile page when clicking on the Avatar in the lower left corner.

“More” icon- Separate logo in the sidebar — for better aesthetics we have separated the logo from the menu.

P.S. Clicking on the logo takes you to the dashboard- Chart buttons hover background color — there was no visual feedback when hovering over the chart header buttons. We have added it for a better UI experience.

Hover animation on chart rangeOther fixes:

  • Make it possible to remove the set name of a wallet — An attempt to remove a wallet name would cause an error saying that '' was already taken as a name. Now it is possible to remove a wallet name so it reverts to the original address (or delegate / contact name).
  • Closing camera stream if using QR — The camera stream now properly closes as soon as you the exit the QR scanner window.
  • White screen on bad network seed — When an invalid network seed was added, the wallet would open to a blank white screen when the app was restarted. This has been corrected.
  • Add minimum fee notice — when pressing minimum fee user gets notified that the transaction might not get confirmed by block producers.
  • Persist unconfirmed transactions, and clear if past the core expired time — If a transaction was sent and the fee was too low, it never disappeared from the wallet, also unconfirmed tx weren’t persisted so a reload of the app removed all unconfirmed. This has now been fixed and transactions will persist and expire after the default 45 minute set time.
  • Show public key of newly created address in wallet — now shows the public key for wallets that are not on the blockchain yet. This only works for importing an address by passphrase, or when generating a new one. In case of only an address we cannot determine the public key — that will be updated automatically when the wallet sends its first transaction.
  • Network validation improvements — there was no proper validation for adding/modifying a network. We have improved the process and also added peer validation to make sure the seed is valid before saving.
  • Get ledger wallet first from route —there was an issue where a Ledger wallet was only checked for if the local database didn’t have a record. This caused issues if the ledger wallet was added as a contact. Previously when a ledger wallet was plugged in, the wallet thought it was a contact, resulting in the inability to send transactions.
  • Disable send all button when funds are too low to send all — disables the “Send all” toggle when there are not enough funds available to cover amount + fees.
  • Disable reload button while refreshing — disables the reload button when isRefreshing is true.
  • Added message for insufficient balance in other tx types — added a message to show insufficient balance on other tx types such as voting, 2nd pass, …
  • Use sender instead of recipient for sender links — open in explorer link was pointing to incorrect address for sender of incoming transactions. It is now properly pointing to the sender address.
  • Go-to wallet list when you disconnect Ledger —if viewing a wallet on the Ledger and the Ledger disconnects, the wallet page disappears. This was fixed by taking the user to the wallet list in this scenario.
  • Memorize currency choice — when changing the currency at the left panel (gear icon) your choice was not saved if you switched to dark theme.
  • Various design margin corrections — improvements on how data is displayed when the wallet is scaled up or down in size has been vastly improved.
  • Fixed custom scrollbar on Linux — custom scrollbar has been fixed on Linux distribution.
  • Prevent saving duplicate profile name — at the profile edit page, errors were shown when entering duplicate, invalid or empty profile names. But the user wasn’t prevented from saving them.
  • Fixed sorting of Delegates —one of the functions didn’t have correct arguments set. That was causing the column name and sort by type to be undefined and sorting got stuck.
  • Fixed loading of chart two times — market chart loaded twice each time you changed the period, this has now been fixed.
  • Fixed multiple profile creation on multiple clicks — on the profile creation if you pressed ‘Done’ button multiple times quickly, you’ll get multiple profiles created with the same name. This problem is more visible on slow networks as it gives more time for multiple clicks — this has been resolved to only create one profile, even at multiple clicks.

If you have any features you would like to see in the wallet, make sure you open a Github issue.

I found a bug / an issue what do I do?

Please open an issue with all of the details at:

I want to help with development what do I do?

Please open pull request and don’t forget we are also running Github development bounty so you can earn some extra ARK.


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