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Rok Černec
Reading time: 7 min
Date: 30th Jan 2019

ARK Desktop Wallet v2.2.1 — Better Support for ARKChains

The latest ARK Desktop Wallet release includes many improvements and bug fixes throughout. Most notable is the improved process of adding new ARK based networks to the wallet.

During the past few weeks there have been many requests for improved handling and support of currently running ARK based blockchains (eg. Persona, Qredit, Phantom, etc) within our desktop wallet.

Previous versions of the wallet had difficulty handling some basic functions of the ARKChains, such as dealing with peer management and also with specific types of transactions like sending and voting. This can partly be due to the code changes implemented by some of these independent projects (such as API header names, epoch time, …). These issues should now be resolved and all of the above projects (along with many more out there) should be fully compatible with the ARK Desktop Wallet.

You may need to remove and re-add those projects (test them to see if they work beforehand) in the network manager if they are already imported (Cloud icon (Network) -> Manage Networks -> Click on the network you want to remove and press the ‘Remove’ button). After the network is removed, re-add it and create a new profile.

Vanilla projects (setting up a chain without changing any of the major parts of the code) should work out of the box by simply adding the network via one of the IPs.

A big thank you to the community members and developers who reported issues and helped our team with providing solutions.

The new wallet is available for download at:

Hashes for 2.2.1 of Desktop Wallets (SHA256)

  • Linux (ark-desktop-wallet-linux-x64–2.2.1.tar.gz) 2166231d60ff17861662623cafcf4c6b35bae8a0c22de1eab5e09ab6403a004d
  • MacOS (ark-desktop-wallet-mac-2.2.1.dmg) 6dff02d4a6ea137ad2f689b8e90d9dcccc3dc8f7933c1e0f25b373abbff60f99
  • Ubuntu (ark-desktop-wallet-linux-amd64–2.2.1.deb) 54feddc2c92f6f78643c1d9a3fe053c9a2e292a77eaa61f7b5658b2669894d84
  • Windows X86 (ark-desktop-wallet-win-x86–2.2.1.exe) d02ce812f8d2ce7ec45fd9c76451ffe80b07d77bfa1a318ec529213dcbc935e4
  • Windows X64 (ark-desktop-wallet-win-x64–2.2.1.exe) aa1c67539bbbbdcaa54818ba6f59091a04b071bc25a404c53f2680700420f40b
  • Linux-AppImage***(ark-desktop-wallet-linux-x86_64–2.2.1.AppImage)*** ded9b5f46c0ed62b534e200c750b30451c45840c01d1de6a864810759c5b7bd8

Changes In Numbers

Since the previous release:

  • 4 different developers contributing to the ARK Desktop Wallet.
  • 35 new commits to the ARK Desktop Wallet.
  • 109 files changed in the ARK Desktop Wallet.
  • 2,862 lines of code added to the ARK Desktop Wallet.
  • 983 lines of code deleted from the ARK Desktop Wallet.

This is not all that has been improved during this short time span. Some of the other items added or fixed are:

  • Allow expanding and collapsing the wallet/contact sidebar — you can now expand or collapse the wallet sidebar to see the full address and balance in the each wallet.

  • New design for New Wallet / Import Wallet sections — improved design for creating a new wallet address or importing an existing wallet. New easier to read instructions are viewed on the left and reflect the updated design.

  • New wallet selection improvements —Now the entire element is selectable instead of just the address. This increases the clickable area, highlights the color of the wallet address and diminishes the appearance of unselected wallets.

New wallet selection UI improvements- New design on ‘Manage Networks’ page —The ‘Manage Networks’ page is completely revised to match other design changes throughout the wallet.

  • Loading screen when broadcasting to many peers — when broadcast to multiple peers is activated you now get a nice loading screen when you sign and broadcast a transaction.

New modal when you send transaction (when broadcasting to multiple peer is enabled).- Updated contact page with a new design — there is now a new upper menu that makes it easier to create new contacts.

Updated ‘Contact’ page- Success/error colors and delay on clipboard button tooltip — added tooltip colors and a delay to tooltip hiding.

Tooltip improvements- Making wallet heading name more visible in dark mode — improved the wallet heading font color for better visibility in both light and dark modes.

Before and after- New announcement section design — announcement (news) page has a new design and a new feature to mark all news as read.

Redesigned announcement page- Different style for names provided by the network & UI improvements — when a wallet or contact has no name assigned, but a name can be retrieved from the network, it is now shown in a different color. Also a tooltip shows up when hovering over the name.

  • Merge wallets and ledger wallets in the wallet list and wallet sidebar, so there are no duplicates in the list
  • Respect numerical order when ordering by wallet name (e.g. 1 -> 2 -> 10 instead of 1 -> 10 -> 2)
  • Add ledger badge to wallet sidebar
  • Make the whole wallet/contact card clickable instead of only the identicon and name

Name provided by the network

Your Ledger addresses now have ‘Ledger’ tag attached so you can more easily distinguish it.- Visible ‘Unvote’ button when using Ledger — if you were trying to vote with Ledger sometimes the ‘unvote’ button under ‘Delegates’ would not display. This should now be resolved and work properly.

  • Broadcast to multiple peer fixed — some have encountered problems when flag was enabled and you were unable to broadcast transactions. This has been corrected.
  • Remove unnecessary delegate API calls —refactored to store more delegate data in the store, removed an API request to get delegate data since we already have that and also fixed issue where changing profiles doesn’t trigger a delegate update.
  • Correctly handle zero balance on wallet heading info — when switching from a wallet with balance to a wallet with zero balance, the desktop wallet would still show the balance(s) from the previous wallet.
  • Adding validation on sign/verify modals & signed messages alignment — added validation to the sign and verify message modals, and sets a :focus color on the QR and show-passphrase(-password) inputs along with fixing the alignment of signed messages.
  • Add forged amount to delegate modal— forged amount of the delegate is now visible in delegate modal.
  • Allow selecting the balance on the wallet page heading — the wallet ID icon was getting in the way while trying to select your balance or address manually.
  • Fixed pasting or writing numbers with colon (“,“ or “.”) on the send transfer inputs — when you pasted an amount of ARK it didn’t properly read it when going to the confirmation of the the tx screen (chipped away decimal numbers). Some other edge cases have been resolved like writing numbers as 1 000 or .999 or 1,000,000 or 1_000 should properly read and handle the input field.
  • Fixed inconsistencies between network versions — fixed broadcasting when there’s no peers, finding peers on v1 networks, dealing with v1 endpoints on v2 networks (possibly added as a result of API headers being different — E.g. Phantom’s vendor header for API version), getting peers from a peer that uses https and transaction timestamp based on current network’s Epoch, not ARK’s.
  • Use network static fees as max — updated the static fees when connecting to a peer and uses that static fee for setting the MAX value for the transaction sliders.

I found a bug / an issue what do I do?

Please open an issue with all of the details at:

I want to help with development what do I do?

Please open pull request and don’t forget we are also running Github development bounty so you can earn some extra ARK.


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