Rok Černec
Reading time: 4 min
Date: 4th Sep 2019

ARK Desktop Wallet v2.6.1 Released

Last week we released the all-new ARK Desktop Wallet v2.6.0 which introduced a lot of new features, improved the plugin system and removed Core API v1 support. This week we are releasing a minor update that further improves the plugin system and also improves bridgechain compatibility with the recent removal of API v1.

You can download the ARK Desktop Wallet at

What’s New?

  • Load transaction from file — allows the user to load a Transfer transaction from a file (JSON). This populates the recipient, amount, fee and vendorfield fields.

  • Show if voted delegate is not active in the wallet table — displays if a voted delegate is currently not forging in the wallets table.

  • Ability to use WebSockets in plugins — allows plugins to connect to a WebSocket if the WEBSOCKETS permission is granted. It sanitizes event responses and also cleans up and disconnects the WebSockets when the navigation changes. Plugins can update with live data much easier using a WebSocket instead of HTTP GET requests, especially due to the inability to access setTimeout which makes periodically refreshing data over HTTP much harder, whereas WebSockets can push new data.

  • Fixed bridgechain peer issues — when adding new networks or interacting with bridgechain networks there were troubles when trying to obtain data from the network. This has now been resolved and all bridgechains that use Core >v2.3 should work properly inside the ARK Desktop Wallet.

  • Get wallet names in wallet selection/input address — Calls wallet_name() to get the wallet name in the address input dropdowns instead of relying only on the property. This way the dropdowns will also show respective usernames and the stored name of a known wallet.

  • Close transaction modal when clicking on addresses and always navigate to transactions tab — changed the transaction modal to close itself and navigate to that wallet’s transactions tab when clicking on an address. Previously it also stayed on the current tab (which could be the list of delegates, for example).

  • Port used from Github peer list — On a fresh setup of the desktop wallet, the peer list is pulled from GitHub. This peer list only contains the p2p port. Version 0.2.0 of @arkecosystem/peers took the p2p port as the public API port, which was incorrect.

  • Allow the Changelly widget to open popups —there were some troubles trying to use Changelly to obtain ARK. The page now opens a URL via target=“_blank“, which takes care of the problem.

  • Properly format cryptocurrencies — as of recently the currency mixins would add additional whitespace between the currency symbol and the value when formatting cryptocurrencies (one regular space, one non-breaking space). It now removes the whitespace, then adds a non-breaking space instead of the regular space that was added before.

  • Updated all Electron dependencies — updated all of the Electron dependencies we use to the latest version.

Hashes for 2.6.1 of Desktop Wallets (SHA256)

  • Linux (ark-desktop-wallet-linux-x64–2.6.1.tar.gz) 0dd9b261ad4d945671881b18b2a1d9278c7960d6e930973486a7e4179df14d79
  • MacOS (ark-desktop-wallet-mac-2.6.1.dmg) 6a7e04edc068ace9fb9febc3d63f706b200b24d0234e733b19816f5fce4386e0
  • Ubuntu (ark-desktop-wallet-linux-amd64–2.6.1.deb) 8a893e96b680fe7de91b804a1480da65ea25fae2faa210ee223cbf630ba4eb01
  • Windows X86 & X64 (ark-desktop-wallet-win-2.6.1.exe) 7a9c663d7102c66d2950d553dd95c3de0c3f19999bb9ac74ecf70cda3c0af701
  • Linux-AppImage***(ark-desktop-wallet-linux-x86_64–2.6.1.AppImage)*** 499fc87d087572da88b2d118eecdd9d613e9e03fb22138ea642a71495b226d19

Update of the Wallet

This text was added after the release of newest Desktop Wallet, for transparency and people to have an independant way of checking the authenticity of release we are attaching hashes of the newest wallet released on 13th September 2019.

The newest release of the Desktop Wallet is v2.6.2 and you can download it here:

Hashes for 2.6.2 of Desktop Wallets (SHA256)

  • Linux (ark-desktop-wallet-linux-x64–2.6.2.tar.gz) e774fddc21c2e70ad651e56856d2efd3d40cec4c8aeb60fe68a7447c149640cd
  • MacOS (ark-desktop-wallet-mac-2.6.2.dmg) e1cc0f3bfa09105b484299794c9e3f1e8bc4bf256f9331234fe26f40ea7dc36e
  • Ubuntu (ark-desktop-wallet-linux-amd64–2.6.2.deb) 0869f880d080997992710850a12eb98cc7c80001ac258d8be4c302f114f67604
  • Windows X86 & X64 (ark-desktop-wallet-win-2.6.2.exe) a229b2f25b20d5cc0e01d1a31d2b017e9a360eb264a5b71ce091f0dbf8dd1ecd
  • Linux-AppImage***(ark-desktop-wallet-linux-x86_64–2.6.2.AppImage)*** cc9e998e42907c4251633090ece11e16652df4d5e0daab344d8b587a3f0dfbb2

I found a bug / an issue — what do I do?

Please open an issue with all of the details on ARK Desktop Wallet Issues page.

I want to help with development — what do I do?

Please open a pull request , and don’t forget, we are also running Github development bounty , so you can earn some extra ARK.

I want to translate Desktop Wallet into my own language — how can I help?

Please read the instructions at this link . Click on the arrow to open the full guide.