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Rok Černec
Reading time: 6 min
Date: 23rd Jun 2020

ARK Desktop Wallet v2.9.2 Released — Send Modal Improved & Schnorr Support for Ledger Added

A new version of the Desktop Wallet has been released! This release fixes numerous UI glitches and focuses on “merging” the multipayment transaction modal with the transfer modal. You can now send both single transfers and multipayment transactions within the same transaction modal, but there’s more so let’s get into it.

With the new wallet being heavily into the development phase, we haven’t forgotten about improving and fixing the current one. As mentioned above, the multipayment modal has been merged with the single transaction modal.

Ledger hardware wallets now support Schnorr signatures. ‘Send’ transactions are now signed using our Schnorr model that was introduced to ARK Core in version 2.6 (message signing is also supported with Ledger).

Make sure to update your Ledger Nano S & Nano X to the latest firmware and version 2.1.0 of the ARK App to take advantage of Schnorr signatures. NOTE: Ledger Hardware wallet addresses do not yet support multipayments.

Another big refactor addressed recent reports of the wallet getting stuck on the initialization screen. While there was no message to indicate the problem, it was usually due to connectivity issues with Github, NPM or peers. Wallets now get loaded even if one of those services isn’t available, and the user is notified of the error. Also, the user is notified to check their internet connection if it can’t be established when the wallet starts.

Let’s go over the other changes and improvements below.

You can download the ARK Desktop Wallet at https://ark.io/wallet or use the new download feature from within your current wallet (available in v2.7.0+).

What’s New?

  • Merged send and multipayment modal — in order to unify the sending process you can now send to one or multiple users from within the same send screen. The visible change for sending to one address is the addition of the ‘Add’ button (to add the recipient to the list) and the recipient table, so whether you are sending to one or many it can be simply done on the same transfer modal (previous multipayment option from the send dropdown menu has thus been deprecated). NOTE: Ledger Hardware wallet addresses do not yet support multipayments.

Sending to one or many recipients is now done from the same transfer modalSending to one or many recipients is now done from the same transfer modal

  • Inform user if internet connection isn’t established — if you start Desktop Wallet without an internet connection you are notified on the initialization screen.

The user gets informed if an internet connection isn’t established.The user gets informed if an internet connection isn’t established.

  • Added icon indicator for multisig wallets — we have added an indicator to easily identify a multisignature wallet.

Multisignature icon is now present in all wallet views for easier identificationMultisignature icon is now present in all wallet views for easier identification

  • Added additional filters to the plugin manager — Two additional filters are added to the dropdown in the Plugin Manager: Official for ARK Ecosystem developed plugins and Funded for ARK Grants funded projects.

Added two additional filters for plugins to the dropdown menuAdded two additional filters for plugins to the dropdown menu

  • Break words for long vendorfield in the tooltip — Long words are now fully displayed when using tooltip.

Before and afterBefore and after

  • Highlight text color on QRcode modal — Information text is now clearly visible on the QR scanner modal.

Before and afterBefore and after

  • Separator color fixed in dark mode— The color of the separator for the dropdown button in dark mode is corrected.

Before and after-Before and after-

Adjusted the window size to its content to eliminate scrollbar — “about wallet” screen now shows full content and the scollbar is eliminated.

  • Ensure that password has value before validating it and better regex — Ensures that a value is set when InputPassword#isValid is called a bit stricter and more readable regex validation has been added to ensure certain strength criteria are met.

  • Auto-add the recipient if loading the modal using a URI — if you use URI for sending it now properly adds the recipient to the send modal.

  • Use local seed list if peer discovery fails — if Desktop Wallet cannot obtain a list of peers it will try to use locally saved ones in order to obtain and connect to the peer.

  • Removed the cursor and opacity for avatar and background selection — When creating and editing a new profile, avatar and background images should not have click action. So there was no need for a cursor pointer and opacity styles.

  • Fixed breaking of the words for long vendorfield in multisig view — we changed how Smartbridge messages are displayed on transaction modals within the multisig tab.

  • Fixes to exporting of the wallets function — exclude empty wallets and don’t show success message when canceling a save file dialog.

  • Don’t show an error when canceling open file dialog — canceling the open file dialog caused an error to appear.

  • Refactored Plugin sliders — it has been reworked into single component to reduce duplication.

What’s Next for Desktop Wallet?

We are deep in the development phase of our all-new Desktop Wallet V3 which will bring a totally new design based on our unification across the board. Built with ReactJS and using our new Platform SDK underneath it will heavily improve user flow. Stay tuned for more information as we are very excited to tell you about all the new additions coming to the ARK Desktop Wallet!

Changes In Numbers

Since the previous release:

  • 10 different developers contributing to the ARK Desktop Wallet.
  • 48 new commits to the ARK Desktop Wallet.
  • 139 files changed in the ARK Desktop Wallet.
  • 3,593 lines of code added to the ARK Desktop Wallet.
  • 2,961 lines of code deleted from the ARK Desktop Wallet.

Hashes for v2.9.2 of the Desktop Wallet (SHA256)

  • Linux (ark-desktop-wallet-linux-x64–2.9.2.tar.gz) d48fa95dc28a75aa2a85c98ad2b335c72f93e5ef1d8cb26f328ac0b952317f93
  • MacOS (ark-desktop-wallet-mac-2.9.2.dmg) 039cc7126db917f66e333489e79a5425f9863cca237c57af6614d1695ce6d349
  • Ubuntu (ark-desktop-wallet-linux-amd64–2.9.2.deb) a92c8b7d6d4432cd43d578c054ce30312bbe02b7d8bb3eced45b91ebf3589b23
  • Windows X86 & X64 (ark-desktop-wallet-win-2.9.2.exe) 94ff1cb8bacf67bc122fcbca0579c7b85d64f430658bd361305cb8e6a6c9a7a4
  • Linux-AppImage***(ark-desktop-wallet-linux-x86_64–2.9.2.AppImage)*** d9184ae74666ac60463d54a6410030cbb45cfbc1613b89826fbe7155f6d0718d

I found a bug / an issue — what do I do?

Please open an issue with all of the details on ARK Desktop Wallet Issues page.

I want to help with development — what do I do?

Please open a pull request, and don’t forget, we are also running Github development bounty, so you can earn some extra ARK.


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