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Rok Černec
Reading time: 2 min
Date: 11th Apr 2017

ARK: First JavaScript DPoS Blockchain With Native Support for Java Development

ARK is delighted to announce that our team has successfully developed a Java library to connect to the ARK blockchain using Groovy framework. We welcome the Java community with open arms as new and exciting ways to connect and utilize ARK are implemented.

The popularity of Java gives us reach into more universal business enterprises and gaming applications. Java integration also paves the way for alternative full node implementation, and even mobile blockchain based apps or games. The learning curve for using Groovy framework for Java is extremely fast, Javark can run on JVM and can be used by all Java developers!

Be sure to check our lite client library for Java on GitHub: https://github.com/ArkEcosystem/ark-java

With Javark you can currently:

  • Create ARK accounts for users
  • Send transactions between accounts
  • Retrieve status of any ARK account in real time
  • Interconnect different platforms using ARK

For example sending a transaction using Javark will be as simple as:

Network.Mainnet << transaction

Be sure to check and test our first simple example showing all of the above : https://github.com/arkecosystem/ark-java-example

Javark widens our market, specifically for mobile apps/games. One of the next steps in this direction is the first full implementation to perform SPV (Simple Payment Verification) for blocks / transactions that will be natively available for mobile apps (think in-game monetization using Javark and ARK blockchain).

ARK continues to expand our audience of potential developers and clients and we have only just launched. Our MainNet has been live for only 3 weeks. ARK’s course remains true and we have the wind at our backs. Come aboard!

Are you a developer and want to help out Ark and in return get some Ark tokens?

Then be sure to check out ARK’s Dev Bounty Program that has 200,000 ARK allocated in the first year:** https://goo.gl/xDXnrX

P.S. Don’t forget to join our awesome Slack community.


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