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Rok Černec
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Date: 1st Jul 2020

ARK GitHub Development Bounty Program — June 2020

June has ended and it’s time to go over our community developers, their Pull-Requests that have been merged and the bounties they have received. This program runs throughout the year, so it’s never too late to join in.

Be sure to spread the word about our bounty program via social media, blog posts and other creative ways to help get more developers involved and contributing to the ARK Ecosystem, not only improving the codebase but also giving developers a way to learn and earn.

Don’t know what this is about and want to get involved?

Please have a read at https://ark.io/bounties and also look at other larger projects at https://ark.io/projects . If you have an idea or project that you feel should be built or added to the ARK Ecosystem, don’t hesitate to check out and apply for an ARK Grant .

Now without further ado, here are the participants and contributors of the June 2020 GitHub development bounty program!

alessiodf— $100 USD+20% BONUS ($20 USD) = Total: $120 USD

  • refactor(core-api): use shorter default timeouts 2020–06–17 09:20:23core#3804$100 USD

deanpress — $20 USD+20% BONUS ($4 USD) = Total: $24 USD

Number of pull requests: 2

  • fix(core-tester-cli): use incremental timestamps for make:block 2020–06–22 02:50:51core#3818$20 USD
  • fix(core-blockchain): add missing return type to this.queue 2020–06–29 15:33:26core#3817

Are there any other development bounties going on?

Yes! There is also the community-run ACF (ARK Community Fund) — read more here: http://arkcommunity.fund/

And remember to join our Slack!


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