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Rok Černec
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Date: 2nd Apr 2020

ARK GitHub Development Bounty Program — March 2020

The month of March is in the back mirror and as always it is time to announce the GitHub bounty participants and winners. Special thanks to all community developers for their continuous work. This program runs throughout the year, so it’s never too late to join in. Learn more about it here .

Be sure to spread the word about our bounty program via social media, blog posts and other creative ways to help us get more developers involved and contributing to the ARK Ecosystem, not only improving the codebase but also giving developers a way to learn and earn.

Don’t know what this is about and want to get involved?

Please have a read at https://ark.io/bounties and also look at other bigger Tier 0 projects at https://ark.io/projects and custom ones at https://ark.io/grants .

Now without further ado, here are the participants and contributors of the March 2020 GitHub development bounty program!

dated — $870 USD+20% BONUS ($174 USD) = Total: $1044 USD

Number of pull requests: 49

  • refactor: adjust business transaction form validation 2020–03–09 13:21:45desktop-wallet#1736$50 USD
  • feat: generate URI from QR modal 2020–03–31 10:08:38explorer#842$50 USD
  • feat: multipayment display modals details 2020–03–14 09:41:50desktop-wallet#1810$50 USD
  • feat: fetch known wallets from repository 2020–03–09 12:12:07explorer#888$20 USD
  • refactor: fix alignment of menu dropdown components 2020–03–10 03:03:48desktop-wallet#1770$20 USD
  • fix: don’t manipulate raw transaction when it is stored 2020–03–10 03:03:38desktop-wallet#1747$20 USD
  • fix: plugin footer override on destroy 2020–03–25 00:22:55desktop-wallet#1864$20 USD
  • feat: expose peer discovery to plugins 2020–03–10 03:02:55desktop-wallet#1808$20 USD
  • fix: include typegroup when setting last fee 2020–03–09 12:16:28desktop-wallet#1758$20 USD
  • feat: add prices to rows of multipayments 2020–03–09 10:36:06explorer#887$20 USD
  • feat: add methods for first and last block 2020–03–04 05:44:36php-client#84$20 USD
  • feat: expose profiles themes to plugins 2020–03–09 04:12:45desktop-wallet#1795$20 USD
  • feat: allow to hide cancel button of confirmation modal 2020–03–09 03:29:14desktop-wallet#1796$20 USD
  • refactor: more generic userLanguage handling 2020–03–04 12:18:44desktop-wallet#1769$20 USD
  • feat: expose save/open dialogs to plugins 2020–03–08 13:34:38desktop-wallet#1793$20 USD
  • chore: add ‘watch’ to allowed component keys 2020–03–08 06:35:41desktop-wallet#1787$20 USD
  • feat: expose the bignumber plugin and datetime service to plugins 2020–03–08 06:34:12desktop-wallet#1780$20 USD
  • feat: expose current peer to plugins and allow options in requests 2020–03–08 06:34:00desktop-wallet#1789$20 USD
  • chore: move bridgechains/ endpoint 2020–03–04 05:48:18typescript-client#100$20 USD
  • feat: add methods for first and last block 2020–03–04 05:35:53go-client#82$20 USD
  • feat: expose more ui components to plugins 2020–03–08 06:33:07desktop-wallet#1792$20 USD
  • feat: sort menu items alphabetically 2020–03–16 04:18:18desktop-wallet#1823$20 USD
  • feat: add links to multipayment list on transaction show 2020–03–03 09:28:13desktop-wallet#1741$20 USD
  • fix: fetch wallet when adding/creating as contact 2020–03–03 09:28:22desktop-wallet#1742$20 USD
  • feat: show alternative balances in wallet grid 2020–03–03 09:28:31desktop-wallet#1743$20 USD
  • feat: fetch known wallets from repository 2020–03–17 16:22:44desktop-wallet#1766$20 USD
  • fix: also delete global options when removing a plugin 2020–03–16 04:19:10desktop-wallet#1816$20 USD
  • refactor: activate the plugin menu item when navigating to plugin route 2020–03–16 04:18:52desktop-wallet#1830$20 USD
  • feat: add names to plugin themes 2020–03–16 04:17:56desktop-wallet#1837$20 USD
  • refactor: try to fetch local plugin images first 2020–03–14 04:20:13desktop-wallet#1826$20 USD
  • fix: add sorting to bridgechains table 2020–03–03 23:45:18desktop-wallet#1737$20 USD
  • feat: add scope to plugin routes and menu items 2020–03–14 09:40:29desktop-wallet#1833$20 USD
  • feat: allow to set a default fee type 2020–03–14 09:39:56desktop-wallet#1767$20 USD
  • refactor: wait for next tick when focussing password/passphrase input 2020–03–14 09:39:29desktop-wallet#1814$20 USD
  • feat: allow plugins to clear all options at once 2020–03–14 04:46:14desktop-wallet#1815$20 USD
  • feat: add methods for first and last block 2020–03–04 05:35:38rust-client#70$20 USD
  • feat: add method to find peers that don’t use estimates 2020–03–14 04:21:19typescript-peers#42$20 USD
  • refactor: allow all global plugin options to be retrieved at once 2020–03–08 06:33:44desktop-wallet#1790$20 USD
  • perf: remove summary when marking announcement as read 2020–03–03 09:27:57desktop-wallet#1755$20 USD
  • chore: fix alternative currency alignment 2020–03–10 14:18:56desktop-wallet#1811
  • chore: adjust codeowners 2020–03–14 04:35:36typescript-peers#43
  • chore: add dayjs quarters plugin 2020–03–15 09:47:56desktop-wallet#1836
  • refactor: check for confirm modal title or note 2020–03–23 15:14:09desktop-wallet#1857
  • feat: include wallet vote in publicByProfileId getter 2020–03–23 17:07:53desktop-wallet#1854
  • fix: last fees migration 2020–03–10 03:03:04desktop-wallet#1802
  • test: add unit tests for dialogs sandbox and electron mixin 2020–03–08 15:06:45desktop-wallet#1794
  • chore: add translation for DIALOGS permission 2020–03–10 03:03:57desktop-wallet#1804
  • fix: unset innerHTML of plugin style when setting default theme 2020–03–10 03:04:08desktop-wallet#1798

alessiodf — $250 USD+10% BONUS ($25 USD) = Total: $275 USD

Number of pull requests: 7

  • perf(core): use jemalloc as the memory allocator 2020–03–02 11:23:39core#3541$200 USD
  • chore(deps): update xstate to v4.8.0 2020–03–04 12:15:30core#3575$50 USD
  • docs: core-sv-038 2020–03–13 10:51:32security-vulnerabilities#24
  • chore(core-magistrate-transactions): fix bride -> bridge typo 2020–03–09 09:52:04core#3585
  • docs: update core-sv-006 2020–03–05 15:59:11security-vulnerabilities#23
  • fix(core): jemalloc compatibility for ubuntu 16.04 2020–03–04 07:13:25core#3567
  • fix(core): handle multiple installations of jemalloc 2020–03–02 14:10:21core#3562

rigwild — $120 USD+5% BONUS ($6 USD) = Total: $126 USD

Number of pull requests: 2

deanpress — $20 USD

Number of pull requests: 1

  • fix(core-transaction-pool): always apply to sender wallet on acceptChainedBlock 2020–03–11 08:09:02core#3594$20 USD

martinharperlee — $20 USD

Number of pull requests: 1

Minigugus — $20 USD

Number of pull requests: 1

Other Bounties & Tier 0

dated— $400 USD

Dated has developed Tier 0 project that now lets developers and hobbyists easily translate the Desktop Wallet in to their local language and publish to NPM for other users to use as well. You can see the pull request here and Language Plugin Generator here.

deanpress — $200 USD

Dean has identified a Core issue where discrepancies could occur between pool and DB state. He helped us test and fix the problem.

Are there any other development bounties going on?

Yes! There is also the community-run ACF (ARK Community Fund) — read more here: http://arkcommunity.fund/

And remember to join our Slack!


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