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Rok Černec
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Date: 3rd Dec 2019

ARK GitHub Development Bounty Program — November 2019

The month of November is behind us along with the GitHub Development Bounty Program for it. It was a busy development month with a lot of community contributions, for that we want to thank everyone who participated. This program runs nonstop throughout the year, so it’s never too late to join in.

Recently we updated our bounty structure , where we have doubled the tier rewards and also added a bit of competition to the program. We are also running a special Core v2.6 bounty that can net you up to $100 just for reporting issues related to the upcoming Core release, to learn more *read this blog post.

Be sure to spread the word about our bounty program to help us get more developers involved and contributing to the ARK Ecosystem, not only improving the codebase but also giving developers a way to learn and earn.

Don’t know what this is about and want to get involved?

Please have a read at https://ark.io/bounties and also look at other bigger Tier 0 projects at https://ark.io/projects .

Now without further ado, here are the participants and contributors of the November 2019 GitHub development bounty program!

dated — $850 USD+20% BONUS ($170 USD) = Total: $1,020 USD

Number of pull requests: 32

  • feat: peer discovery using @arkecosystem/peers 2019–11–08 15:32:27exchange-json-rpc#53$200 USD
  • feat(core-magistrate-crypto): add ports to bridgechain registration/update 2019–11–20 04:41:35core#3255$100 USD
  • fix(core-transactions): allow unvoting a resigned delegate 2019–11–05 00:23:00core#3201$50 USD
  • refactor(core-transactions): unique ipfs hashes 2019–11–06 07:05:59core#3204$50 USD
  • feat(core): add command to clear transaction pool 2019–11–13 14:21:42core#3250$50 USD
  • refactor: random transaction count of MultiPayment 2019–11–01 00:29:14core-tx-tester#10$20 USD
  • refactor(core-api): add schema for orderBy query param 2019–11–11 14:21:22core#3243$20 USD
  • fix(core-transactions): add ipfs exception handling 2019–11–06 09:24:01core#3217$20 USD
  • feat(core-api): add isExpired property to locks response 2019–11–07 00:59:51core#3221$20 USD
  • feat(core-api): filter locks by expiration status 2019–11–08 05:00:35core#3227$20 USD
  • refactor(core-api): validate expiration type based on enum 2019–11–08 05:01:55core#3226$20 USD
  • fix(core-transactions): add additional bridgechain registration exception handling 2019–11–08 06:29:08core#3222$20 USD
  • refactor(crypto): adjust generic name schema 2019–11–11 05:24:47core#3229$20 USD
  • feat(core-api): allow searching businesses and bridgechains by isResigned 2019–11–22 23:46:13core#3292$20 USD
  • fix(core-api): include query in wallets//locks cache 2019–11–11 05:25:08core#3240$20 USD
  • refactor: add networkTime to expiration.value only once 2019–11–11 22:55:20core-tx-tester#16$20 USD
  • feat: add tab for resigned delegates 2019–11–21 14:54:42explorer#772$20 USD
  • refactor(crypto): use transactionId ref in lockTransactionId schema definition 2019–11–12 09:33:17core#3246$20 USD
  • fix(crypto): adjust genericName regex and add tests 2019–11–12 13:53:56core#3247$20 USD
  • refactor(core-magistrate-transactions): more verbose static fee mismatch error 2019–11–12 17:13:02core#3248$20 USD
  • fix(core-transactions): do not attempt to convert vendorfield 2019–11–13 13:40:13core#3252$20 USD
  • fix(core-database-postgres): return early only if there are rows 2019–11–11 23:31:05core#3244$20 USD
  • fix(core-api): search by genesisHash in show method 2019–11–21 21:50:43core#3293$20 USD
  • fix: render chart when expanding and fix mutation error 2019–11–14 19:34:08desktop-wallet#1543$20 USD
  • refactor(crypto): set minimum fee on transaction types 2019–11–19 10:30:47core#3278$20 USD
  • fix: typos in locks 2019–11–04 03:11:55elixir-client#66
  • ci: update workflow configs 2019–11–04 03:12:14rust-client#62
  • fix(crypto): replace ipfs exception 2019–11–13 14:49:57core#3253
  • chore: update readme examples 2019–11–07 13:56:25typescript-peers#22
  • test: fix failing and update workflow 2019–11–08 09:03:33exchange-json-rpc#54
  • fix(core-magistrate-transactions): case insensitive bridgechain comparison 2019–11–11 05:24:21core#3233
  • ci: switch to codecov-action 2019–11–29 13:43:10explorer#782

rainydio — $100 USD+10% BONUS ($10 USD) = Total: $110 USD

Number of pull requests: 2

  • fix(core-transactions): update sender’s wallet after validation 2019–11–26 01:21:28core#3291$50 USD
  • refactor(crypto): fix genesis and exception transactions cache 2019–11–23 02:31:09core#3296$50 USD

alessiodf — $80 USD+5% BONUS ($4 USD) = Total: $84 USD

Number of pull requests: 5

Lemii — $70 USD

Number of pull requests: 2

  • feat(core-magistrate-transactions): ensure unique genesisHash per bridgechain 2019–11–07 05:29:57core#3199$50 USD
  • refactor: make next4 compliant 2019–11–05 01:28:24core-tx-tester#13$20 USD

ciband — $60 USD

Number of pull requests: 6

  • Chore/reduce build times 2019–11–15 02:46:42cpp-crypto#192$20 USD
  • chore: move global data to function local 2019–11–15 02:39:25cpp-crypto#191$20 USD
  • refactor: remove usage of monolithic arkCrypto.h 2019–11–14 12:33:40cpp-crypto#190$20 USD
  • chore: add full support for vscode 2019–11–11 17:13:30dotnet-crypto#63$0 USD
  • chore: add +x to scripts 2019–11–04 16:18:45cpp-crypto#185$0 USD
  • chore: add +x to scripts 2019–11–04 16:18:28cpp-client#165$0 USD

deanpress — $60 USD

Number of pull requests: 5

  • fix(core-transactions): add missing delegate attributes to walletAttributes 2019–11–26 09:39:41core#3304$20 USD
  • feat: Make roundInfo optional in databaseService.getActiveDelegates() 2019–11–20 04:53:05core#3276$20 USD
  • style: replace native forEach with for-of 2019–11–15 16:04:01core#3260$20 USD
  • docs: fix typo — BusinessBuilder > BusinessRegistrationBuilder 2019–11–21 15:01:30docs#495$0 USD
  • refactor(crypto): Set transactionBaseSchema fee minimum to 0 2019–11–19 02:58:48core#3275

Pedro-Souza — $50 USD

Number of pull requests: 1

Other Contributors

Special thanks to other contributors who also helped in November with pull-requests, improving documentation, fixing typos and other fixes! We are extremely happy to see our vibrant and enthusiastic community involved in the path we are walking together!


Number of pull requests: 1

  • docs(guidebook): update forger plugin configuration to correct hosts structure 2019–11–22 04:24:01docs#494


Number of pull requests: 1


Number of pull requests: 1

  • feat: updated required dependencies 2019–11–08 11:22:20gitbooks-sdk#1

Are there any other development bounties going on?

Yes! There is also the community-run ACF (ARK Community Fund) — read more here: http://arkcommunity.fund/

Earn ARK Tokens for Testing

Want to earn ARK by testing out the newest Core v2.6? With our Core v2.6 bounty, you can get involved with the public testing in exchange for rewards.

Earn up to $100 in ARK tokens for each issue you report related to Core v2.6 and all the new transaction types. But wait there’s more, reporting issues could net you a spot on the Leaderboard, for a chance to receive an additional bonus reward of up to $1,000.

Start reporting issues here or join our #Devnet channel on the ARK Slack for more help. Get testing now to start earning!


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