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Travis Walker
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Date: 30th Oct 2018

ARK Hackathons: HackPHS & HackPrinceton

The Ark Team is proud to announce that we are sponsoring and attending not one, but two hackathons this November as we return to Princeton, New Jersey for the Fall 2018 MLH Hackathon season.

Over two-consecutive weekends, Ark will be assisting students at HackPHS and HackPrinceton. The ARK Crew will be joined by select ARK community members and delegates to help in providing 1-on-1 support, hosting workshops, and showing students some of our latest V2 Core features.

Overall, education is what we strive for at ARK and is one of the reasons we sponsor hackathons. Hackathons are not hacking per say, but rather a gathering of like minded individuals who strive to learn and work together in a fast paced, closed environment.

We have created a robust collection of Software Development Kits to choose from when learning about ARK and blockchain development. These SDK’s include every major programming language, giving developers a head start and options moving forward.

ARK recently partnered with Major League Hacking to further spread and educate students on Ark via specific blockchain workshop.We love teaching and educating young developers on the benefits and vast empowerment that blockchains can provide. From IoT to enterprise solutions, there are endless use cases just waiting to be created and adopted. This is also one reason we recently partnered with *Major League Hacking to create an ARK specific workshop that anyone will be able to use for their hackathon or future meetup/event.

HackPHS will take place at Princeton High School on November 3rd, and run for 24-hours. During this time enthusiastic students will take part in a 24 hour event including team building, development, innovation, skill building, engineering, inventing, education, and much more.

ARK will be giving an intro to blockchain class during HackPHS, as well as assisting in all other hackathon activities. We will also be providing some limited edition swag and event prizes.

HackPrinceton begins November 9th and will run for a grueling 36-hours. It includes coding, design, hardware, IoT, blockchain development, and so much more. This hackathon always brings amazing innovation on so many levels.

As some of you may already know, we have been to Princeton University more than once, and we are very proud to be returning for our third HackPrinceton event**.**

For both of these events we will be bringing some of our world renowned swag to hand out to all hackers, and we will also be providing special prizes.

Some of our prizes include IoT gear courtesy of our friends at Particle.io. Much like ARK being the All-in-One Blockchain Platform, Particle is the All-in-One Internet of Things Platform.

If your looking for past ARK Hackathon Projects check out this link: https://github.com/ArkHackathon

Developers, don’t forget that it’s never too late to get involved with ARK. If you are not able to attend hackathons you have other options:


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