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Rok Černec
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Date: 30th Mar 2018

ARK is Sponsoring and Attending Open Geneva

The ARK team is proudly sponsoring and attending Open Geneva, a large hackathon and workshop event in Switzerland.

Open Geneva offers 35+ events to innovate together, enjoy, and challenge attendees. This event runs from the 9th to the 15th of April 2018, with ARK holding our very own hackathon and workshop from the 12th through the 14th of April 2018.

During those days, hundreds of participants with a variety of cultural and expertise backgrounds will work together to imagine, design and produce innovative solutions to exceptional challenges.

ARK is teaming up with Prodibi and Fusion Hub to cooperate on a hackathon and workshop during 12th - 14th April 2018.


Prodibi is a Geneva based company, which manages a picture sharing platform oriented on quality, power and ease to showcase and share images beautifully. Probidi’s motto states “Prodibi gives you the best quality and best speed for any image of any size on any device”.

Their idea is to use the Prodibi infrastructure and platform to create and put watermarks of images on the blockchain.

Fusion Hub

Fusion works on fintech solutions and manages a Blockchain Lab. They build, grow and foster blockchain products and communities, by bringing the community of blockchain developers & business experts together. Fusion Hub is running under the supervision of Jean-Etienne DURAND.

Blockchain Lab usually organizes workshops in the following format:

  • maximum of 20 developers
  • 1 to 2 trainers
  • 2 evenings: - day 1: presentation of technology - day 2: hands on practice

In that regards we are going to cooperate with Fusion Hub to present ARK and come up with an agenda, tasks, and challenges for participants to take part in.

The ARK team that will be attending, coaching, and overseeing the event consists of:

  • François-Xavier THOORENS / CTO of ARK
  • Kristjan KOŠIČ / Hackathon General Manager — Core Developer at ARK
  • Juan MARTÍN / Full-Stack Developer at ARK

With the supporting team from the University of Geneva:

  • Jean-Henry MORIN / Professor — Institute of Information Service Science (ISS)
  • Jörn ERBGUTH / Assistant — Institute of Information Service Science (ISS)

And founders of Probidi:

  • Olivier HAMEL / General manager
  • Frédéric HAMEL / CTO

ARK is fostering and laying the foundation for current and future generations of great minds, to prepare them for ongoing disruptions generated from the adoption of blockchain technology in our everyday lives and enabling them with the tools and insight to build these disruptions.

To learn more about Open Geneva program visit: http://opengeneva.org/program/


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