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Justin Renken
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Date: 9th Feb 2021

ARK Launches 300+ Term Glossary on Documentation Hub

ARK.io recently launched a new glossary page with over 300 terms on it, so users and developers can familiarize themselves with Blockchain terms quickly and easily. The glossary lives on the ARK Documentation Hub, at ARK.Dev .

Do you often encounter special terms while researching Blockchain technology that you’ve never seen before? Need a simple way to get up to speed? Have a friend who just started learning about everything Blockchains can do? The ARK Glossary is the solution to all of these questions.

Check out the ARK Glossary here .

The glossary lives on the documentation hub.The glossary lives on the documentation hub.

More Than Just ARK

The ARK Glossary has hundreds of terms not only specific to ARK technology but also Blockchain in general. Learn about attack vectors, block rewards, atomic swaps, DeFi, finality, token generation events and more.

The glossary has terms that cover the entire industry as well as ARK.The glossary has terms that cover the entire industry as well as ARK.

Quick-Jump Links

Learning Blockchain and Blockchain terms can be a tricky business. Too often, defining one term requires the use of one or more other terms. Luckily, the ARK Glossary has quick-jump links to other terms mentioned in any definitions, so falling down the rabbithole is as convenient as possible. The glossary page also has quick-jump links to each letter of the alphabet.

The glossary has quick-jump links to relevant terms.The glossary has quick-jump links to relevant terms.

Blockchain Terms Video Series

We hope this glossary page comes in handy on your journey to discovering the world of Blockchain. Don’t be afraid to bookmark it in your browser. If you would like to know even more about these terms, check out the YouTube channel of MarketSquare, the new homepage of the decentralized Web, where we launched a video series that goes into more detail about each term.

Our Blockchain terms videos aim to educate you in plain English, and they’re short enough to watch anytime, anywhere. We’ll be publishing new videos on Blockchain terms each week, and if you subscribe to our channel there, you’ll become a Blockchain and crypto guru in no time.

What is a Hard Fork?

On the MarketSquare video channels, we’ll be making more fun, educational videos like this one- appealing to the entire space and building a community that we can expose to ARK and other interesting projects in Blockchain and cryptocurrency. See you there!


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