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Rok Černec
Reading time: 3 min
Date: 11th May 2019

ARK Mobile Wallet v1.4.2 — Improved Bridgechain Support And Future Core Updates

It has been a while since the last update of the mobile wallet — and the newest release is here! The new ARK Mobile Wallet update focuses on compatibility with the upcoming Deployer, new bridgechains, bug fixes and upcoming Core v2.4 changes.

If you already have the ARK Mobile wallet you should be notified when the update is available. If you want a fresh install of ARK Mobile Wallet, you can use one of the links below. Thanks to all who provided pull requests and reported issues.

Mobile wallets are available at: - iOS: https://ios.ark.io - Android: http://android.ark.io

Note: Depending on your geographical location, mobile updates may take some time before they are seen as available.

What’s New & Fixed?

  • Option to peer force connect to seed — we have added an option in the network settings to force connect to one of the seed peers in case you get stuck on a bad peer and cannot connect to a good peer. After that, you can switch to one of the network peers by clicking on the change peer button.
  • Use the Vendor Field length provided by the network — with the release of ARK Core v2.3 on Development and Public networks, we have increased the size of the Vendor Field from 64 to 255 bytes so users can include more data when sending transactions. Data is now obtained from the currently connected peer (if unavailable it uses the default value).
  • Removed productivity from Delegates list—after the release of Core v2.3, the delegates page on mobile was unable to be viewed because of the removal of productivity from Core, preventing users from voting. This has now been resolved so users can vote normally again (productivity was replaced with approval rating).
  • Fetch dynamic fees from the new endpoint —as of v2.4, the feeStatistics property has been removed from the endpoint /node/configuration, which was replaced with the new endpoint /node/fees. To reduce compatibility issues between different network versions, we try both endpoints and format the data from both to match.
  • Transaction fees were invisible on the dark theme — input fees modal were not being placed inside of forms which resulted in items rather than inputs, preventing users from seeing fees normally. This has now been resolved.
  • Set static fee when avg dynamic is greater than max — in case the network currently has an average fee that is reported as more than the max fee of the network, it will default to the static fee set by the node you are connected to.
  • Trim passphrase or address on the importing page — properly validate and import passphrase or address without whitespaces at the start/end.
  • Detect successfully broadcasted transactions correctly —some of the transactions sent were seen as unsuccessfully sent, but in fact were correctly broadcast and confirmed. This has now been resolved and all successful transactions should show correctly.
  • Preparing for upcoming Core v2.4 release support — with Core v2.4 several things will change due to the P2P layer going from API to Websockets. We have implemented changes that will make Mobile Wallet ready for the upcoming release.

New Languages

  • Polish
  • Simplified Chinese


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