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Rok Černec
Reading time: 3 min
Date: 30th Mar 2020

ARK Mobile Wallet v1.8.0 Released — Enhanced Developer Support

The latest update to ARK Mobile Wallet is here! This version focuses on improving user experience with new input fields and makes development easier with updated dependencies, better test coverage and new features (developer mode, Angular Storybook and more).

We have moved to shorter release cycles for ARK products with the ARK Mobile Wallet next in line for an update. This release includes a few updated designs and better user interactions.

You can update the ARK Mobile Wallet from within Google Play / Apple’s App Store or visit (Android) / (iOS).

The codebase is moving towards being more developer-oriented (updating Ionic and Angular versions) bringing test coverage up by writing test cases and much more.

Let’s go over changes in this new release.

What’s New?

  • Unified input fields — we have unified the design of input fields that will be used across our product line.

  • Redesigned fee selection field & fixed bug during manual fee input— we have updated the design for fee selection when transferring ARK or voting for a delegate. This design now has a slider on the lower line of the fee field. You can select minimum, average or maximum fees by clicking on the preferred button. We have also fixed the manual input field (the number can be edited directly).

  • Wallet selection on the transfer screen — a new wallet selection screen makes it easier to find a receiving wallet from a predefined list (previously sent or contact list).

  • Added ‘Developer mode’—developer mode unlocks features that will help us (and developers) debug errors found by users. Developer mode can be enabled by opening side menu — open Settings — click 5 times on Version field. Now developer mode will be enabled showing a new View log report on the settings page.

With Log Report you will be able to see details of processes happening behind the scenes (including errors for easier debugging).

  • Passphrase confirmation style tweaks — fixed styles in the passphrase and 2nd passphrase confirmation screens.

  • Implemented Angular Storybook — Storybook is like a web-editor where you can construct components and their interactions in isolation and see visually how they work.

  • Fixed back button in the wallet dashboard screen —navigate to the wallets route if pressed.

  • Major Angular update from 8 to 9 — we have updated to Angular 9.x bringing many developer-focused improvements, bug fixes, and performance improvements.

  • Migrated from TSLint to ESLint— Due to the TSLint deprecation, we are updating to use ESLint instead.

  • Update and propagate wallets property — reset wallets property to an empty array in case of no profile or empty currentProfile wallets. This fixes the case when a user deletes the last wallet in the portfolio.

Changes In Numbers

Since the previous release:

  • 4 different developers contributing to the ARK Mobile Wallet.
  • 48 new commits to the ARK Mobile Wallet.
  • 265 files changed in the ARK Mobile Wallet.
  • 26,472 lines of code added to the ARK Mobile Wallet.
  • 17,010 lines of code deleted from the ARK Mobile Wallet.

I found a bug / an issue — what do I do?

Please open an issue with all of the details on the ARK Mobile Wallet Issues page.

I want to help with development — what do I do?

Please open a pull request, and don’t forget, we are also running Github development bounty, so you can earn some extra ARK.


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