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Justin Renken
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Date: 12th Mar 2020

ARK Monthly Newsletter — February 2020 Edition

February is in the box! This blog post will cover last month’s highlights, activities, achievements and unique content. Let’s take a look at what the team has been up to.


“ARK.io continues to build come rain or shine, and February was no different. Team and public testing of ARK Core v2.6 reached a point where the code base could be given to the ARK Public Network delegates for migration. ARK.io does not run the ARK Public Network, and as such the delegates needed to accept the code base upgrades. We are happy to report that the delegates accepted the new version, and the migration went off without a hitch. ARK.io also celebrated multiple new hires during February in various departments. We’d like to congratulate the nOS project building on ARK Core. nOS successfully deployed a public testnet for their blockchain solution during February. We are also pleased that a group of ARK Advocates, who speak about ARK in their local area, became certified during February and have already attended one blockchain themed event. With ARK Core v3 code base now made public, more testing and upgrades will bring the ARK technology stack even closer to perfection.”

Justin Renken, ARK.io Senior Brand Manager



ArkTimeline.com is a community resource built and maintained by the ARK Community Committee. The entire history of all ARK achievements and accomplishments are available there, and they are both sortable and filterable. Here’s a quick rundown for this past month:


This episode of ARK.io Adventures brings me to Venice Beach on Leap Day, which happens every four years, just like the Bitcoin ‘halvening’. What better time to have the Bitcoin halvening easily explained and compare it to ARK inflation to see the similarities and differences?

ARK.io Adventures Vlog- ARK Inflation and Bitcoin Halvening Compared Venice Beach, Santa Monica


ARK is incorporated as an SCIC in France (ARK Ecosystem SCIC), giving ARK a leg up when interfacing with the legacy financial system. This SCIC is the first of its kind for crypto in France.

  • On February 6th, ARK CEO FX Thoorens attended a technical day event at the University of Lille. Pierre Boulet, VP of Digital Transformation and Perrine De Coëtlogon, Blockchain and Education Project Manager, organized the technical meeting. The objective of this working day was to install the nodes of an instance of the ARK Education blockchain, created and developed by ARK Ecosystem.

  • Thoorens had this to say:

“The ARK Education blockchain will be hosted and managed by a consortium of higher education players, the first turnkey application of which will be the BCdiploma.com service. It will allow the issuance of secure diplomas, attestations, certificates and open badges online”.

ARK and BCdiploma representatives attend Technical Day hosted by University of LilleARK and BCdiploma representatives attend Technical Day hosted by University of Lille

  • ARK CEO FX Thoorens is affiliated with France Digitale, an organization designed to assist technology-based startups. On February 27th, Thoorens attended an event designed to create a forum between technology startups and candidates running for the Councilors of Paris, who in turn elect the Mayor of Paris. The next municipal elections are scheduled for March 15th and 22nd.

  • On February 28th, members of the French Parliament interviewed FX Thoorens and other members of ADAN, an association of blockchain technology companies designed to further the mission of the technology in France. The interview was a part of a mission set in motion by the French Parliament in December 2019. The objective of the mission is to analyze all the technical and economic challenges relating to the development of digital identity in France as well as the world. ARK.io is a founding member of ADAN, and more information is available in the blog article linked here .


The Powered by ARK Program aims to help recognize, support and collaborate with projects building on ARK’s technology. The first accepted official partner is nOS , the virtual operating system for the Smart Economy. Here’s a brief update:

The nOS Project, building on ARK Core, successfully deployed the Public Testnet of their blockchain platform in February!

nOS is an all-in-one platform that allows both decentralized and centralized applications to grow their user base, increase their revenue potential and expand their reach by utilizing the new business models that decentralized blockchain technology can offer.

nOS was originally issued as a NEO NEP-5 smart contract token. As their project grew and evolved, they began to look for a blockchain solution that would not only help them improve the speed, flexibility and scalability of their platform but one that would also allow them to fully realize the vision of nOS.

After an extensive research and evaluation process, ARK’s blockchain technology was selected by nOS to lay the foundation for its new network.

Impressed by the ease of use and ability to customize the framework to meet their specific needs, nOS initially selected ARK for their mainnet due to our:

  • Open-source codebase
  • Interoperability
  • Scalability
  • Modular design
  • Flexible plugin framework
  • Typescript Core
  • Ability to create custom transactions quickly and easily with the Generic Transaction Interface (GTI)

As the partnership continues to evolve, we’re excited to continue to work together with nOS on many more projects in the future. In the short term, we’re exploring how the upcoming ARK Marketplace can benefit from the native features and adaptable modules being built by the nOS team, and we are confident this will enable us to strengthen the ecosystem.

On February 6th, after many sleepless nights by nOS working on their code, nOS announced the release of the Public Testnet. Within the Public Testnet, the majority of features in the nOS whitepaper are already live, and people can test them out.

According to nOS, you can use the blockchain today to test the following features:

  • Stake Public Testnet NOS
  • Vote for validators
  • Try out and build blockchain code and applications
  • Launch a validator and nodes and collect block rewards
  • In the future: deploy databases and other files (descriptions, icons) to the on-chain nOS IPFS system, and serve them in your apps

Dean Van Dugteren, CEO and Founder of nOS, had this to say:

We’re incredibly grateful to the ARK team for giving us all the help and support we need for our blockchain’s development, and we look forward to continuing our partnership! We’ll be releasing more updates, tutorials, and features over time. So keep an eye out! Want to talk about nOS? Join nOS.Chat.

You can track nOS’s progress via their blog by clicking here .


Ask-Me-Anythings are periodically conducted where ARK team members answer questions by community members and developers, as well as 3rd party organizations taking questions from the community as well. These AMAs take place on Slack.ARK.io . AMA Transcripts are available on the ARK.io resource ARK Answers . Follow ARK on Twitter for invitations to join future AMAs. AMAs will occur on an as-needed basis, as opposed to the previous set schedules.

ARK community members asked questions of two exchanges that deal in the ARK crypto assets. See transcripts below:


The ARK Developer Roundtable is a video call conducted by ARK.io Chief Technical Officer (CTO), Kristjan Košič. ARK Developer Roundtables will occur on an as-needed basis with special topics and guests. Stay tuned on YouTube.ARK.io for future roundtables and see past installments.


The ARK Monthly Development Report covers all pull requests (opened, closed, merged) as well as all issues opened and closed in every ARK Ecosystem public repository, the number of contributors during that month, the number of new stargazers and total lines of GitHub code added or deleted ( check February’s report here ).


This network report summarizes network activity on the ARK Public Network for the recent month.

Total Network Transactions

Total: 93,326
Avg per block: 0.3000
Per type: Transfers: 90,481 (96.95%)
Multipayments: 1,446 (1.55%)
Votes: 1,346 (1.44%)
Multisignature Registrations: 2 (0.00%)
IPFS: 2 (0.00%)
Second Signatures: 7 (0.01%)
Delegate Registrations: 20 (0.02%)
Delegate Resignations: 8 (0.01%)
Business Registrations: 13 (0.01%)
Business Update: 1 (0.00%)

2,476 unique wallets sent an outgoing transaction.

Total Blocks

Full: 334 (0.11%)
Empty: 300,728 (96.68%)
Non-empty: 9,985 (3.21%)
Total: 311,047
Missed: 2,153

Total Network Fees

Total: 5,794.5540124913 Ѧ
Per type:
*Transfers: 1,824.71667745 Ѧ
Multipayments: 160.64018958 Ѧ
Votes: 3,445.32379302 Ѧ
Multisignature Registrations: 0.13854719 Ѧ
IPFS: 0.16000000 Ѧ
Second Signatures: 6.37780149 Ѧ
Delegate Registrations: 139.88784731 Ѧ
Delegate Resignations: 53.31588721 Ѧ
Business Registrations: 163.89326924 Ѧ
Business Update: 0.10000000 Ѧ

Total Network Votes

Voting Wallets: 41,347
Voting Wallets > 1 ARK: 18,818
Total ARK Voting: 84,010,150.61833522 Ѧ


The ARK Crypto Podcast releases weekly episodes all about ARK, featuring interviews, monologues, tutorials, reports, presentations and more. The show aims for a 30-minute runtime and releases new episodes every Friday. Subscribe on iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher, Soundcloud, Spotify, Castbox and more. Details, external links, and show notes are available at Podcast.ARK.io . Check out the episodes released this month:

ARK Core Values Deep Dive, Simplicity
Blockchain Concepts 101 (Part 1)
Blockchain Concepts 101 (Part 2)
Everything You Might Have Missed Wrapup

The podcast has returned with weekly episodes as detailed in* *this recent blog post .


Now that ARK Core v2.6 is live on the ARK Public Network, the ARK Team has updated its flagship product, the ARK Deployer, to deploy v2.6 chains. That means anyone who is interested in an easy way to create and customize a blockchain will also be able to take advantage of new features and transaction types. However, the development of the ARK Deployer hasn’t stopped there. In fact, massive new powers are coming to the ARK Deployer, and development is nearing completion. Improvements include one-click deployment, which handles the genesis node and peer deployment in the background using cloud services. Bridgechain founders will be able to manage the chain after the fact from within the all-new ARK Deployer front end interface. Even deploying future nodes of an already established chain will be possible. This is one of the major focal points for ARK.io as we move through this quarter. Stay tuned to the ARK Blog and ARK Roadmap for further updates.


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Looking forward to March!


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