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Justin Renken
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Date: 17th Mar 2021

ARK Monthly Update — February 2021 Edition

February is over, and it’s time for an overview! This blog post will cover last month’s highlights, activities and achievements. We also release an update video on Twitter and our YouTube Channel. Let’s take a look at what’s been going on at ARK.io and within the ARK Ecosystem.

Last Month’s Highlights

MarketSquare Updates

More projects and businesses are joining MarketSquare :

  • Uphold gives users access to assets such as stocks, cryptocurrencies, U.S. equities, precious metals and national currencies.
  • Ecency is a decentralized open-source social network built and powered by users.
  • Kryptoez is an online retailer specializing in crypto-themed socks and accessories.
  • Dapplr is a mobile app that allows users to post content and earn real crypto rewards.
  • FullAlt is a team of passionate developers from the Hive Ecosystem that are creating products for the benefit of Hive and its growing community.
  • eGamers.io is a leading Blockchain gaming portal with regular updates for the most prominent play-to-earn games.

Taking the Top Tweet of the Month, MarketSquare reached out to the Dogecoin community and agreed to create content for Dogecoin.

Last Month’s Top Tweet.

Check out the MarketSquare YouTube channel and join the conversations in the MarketSquare Discord server .

MarketSquare Hubs Article

We published an article on MarketSquare Hubs, which will act as gateways to entire ecosystems.

Glossary Article & Video

We also published an article on a new Glossary featuring over 300 Blockchain terms, and complimented the article with a video on our YouTube channel.

The Blockchains of Black Mirror

MarketSquare also released a new episode of our new video series exploring Blockchains in popular films and TV shows.

The Blockchains of Black Mirror

Protocol Upgrade

The ARK Public Network saw a protocol upgrade to version 2.7.25 during February.

Protokol Fintech Times Article

Protokol , our subsidiary for enterprise Blockchain solutions, was featured in a Fintech Times article discussing how Blockchain can help esports put fans first.

Compendia Network Upgrade

Powered by ARK, Compendia Network released a news update including a preview of its database oracle tools.

Virtual ARK Workshops

ARK.io’s partner MLH hosted three separate virtual ARK workshops, here , here and here for developers during February.

Bounties & Careers

Developers can earn ARK in our Development & Security Bounty Program . We are also hiring, with details on ARK.io/Careers .

What’s Next

We are gearing up to release new products soon, including the MarketSquare Public Beta. Get more details at MarketSquare.io.

Visit the ARK Roadmap to follow our development and see what else we have planned.

Feedback Survey

Take a short three-minute feedback survey so we can learn more about your opinions on how we’re doing. We review and track this feedback and use it to further improve our efforts.

Take the three-minute feedback survey here .

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See you next month!


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