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Justin Renken
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Date: 10th Nov 2020

ARK Monthly Update — October 2020 Edition

October is over, and it’s time for an overview! This blog post will cover last month’s highlights, activities and achievements. We also release an update video on Twitter and our YouTube Channel. Let’s take a look at what’s been going on at ARK.io and within the ARK Ecosystem.

ARK Monthly Update October 2020 Video

Last Month’s Highlights

New MarketSquare Partnerships. ARK.io and MarketSquare announced four new partnerships:

Last Month’s Top Tweet.

ARK presentation at BGA new members meeting.

New ARK.io Website Launch. During October, we released an all-new version of our website at ARK.io featuring a fresh new look for the upcoming product lineup. We complimented the release by integrating our blog as well as our documentation hub into the new site.

New website and new look.New website and new look.

ARK Core v3 Devnet Launch. The long-awaited ARK Core v3 launched on the ARK Development Network, and testing is ongoing.

New Podcasts. Podcast.ARK.io released four new episodes, including a full-scale comparison of ARK and Ethereum as well as an interview with Hackernoon, discussing ARK as well as Protokol, our subsidiary for enterprise Blockchain solutions. Protokol was also featured in the Fintech Times during October.

Hackernoon interview with ARK.io and Protokol.

Podcast.ARK.io Episode 100 Contest. In celebration of reaching 100 episodes recently on the podcast, we launched a contest with prizes coming from all over the ARK Ecosystem. All you need to do is tell us which episode out of the 100 was your favorite, and why. The best entry will win all prizes!

  • 100 ARK from Delegate Yakety Yak, who creates German podcasts about ARK.
  • 2 T-Shirts from Delegate Drakeler, who produces products and sponsors events.
  • 200 ARK from the ARK Community Fund, who sponsors projects in the ARK Ecosystem.
  • 200 ARK + Custom Keychain from Delegate Cam’s Yellow Jacket, who produces ARK videos and runs a Relay Incentive Program.
  • 250 ARK from Delegate GhostfaceUK, who has been helping secure the ARK Public Network for years.
  • Ledger Nano S + 2 ARKMoon Gift Coins from ARK.io, the Simplest Way to Blockchain.
  • 5000 Staked BIND from Compendia Network, the Wikipedia of databases for apps, dApps, and APIs.
  • Electronic Phone Sanitizer Device from Delegate The Bobbie Bunch, who is finalizing their first cross-chain platform project eNIGMA.
  • Raspberry Pi 4 Kit from Delegate Friends of Little Yus, a team of Blockchain developers with a passion for IoT.
  • Brand New Desktop PC from Delegate Kolap, who ships PCs to his customers along with ARK sticker packs.

Enter the contest here. Deadline extended until November 30th.

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Featured Blog Articles. We published an article on Deployer, the simplest way to create a Blockchain, dicussing its benefits and value for the industry as well as the costs of launching a chain. Another article during October dove into DeFi and how it relates to taxes, laws, security and ARK.

ARK in Action. Powered by ARK, Compendia Network published a feature roadmap article, highlighting nOS 2.0, Databases and Staking.

ADAN Activities. ARK.io is a founding member of ADAN, an association for fair Blockchain regulations, which responded to drafts published by the European Commission in October.

MLH ARK Workshop. ARK.io’s partner MLH hosted a virtual ARK workshop for developers. Learn more about MLH and hackathons in the video on our YouTube channel.

GitHub Security & Bounty Program. Four patched security disclosures were added to GitHub as part of our Development & Security Bounty Program.

Available Job Openings. We are hiring more people, with six open positions available on ARK.io/Careers.

NOWPayments ARK Integration. ARK is on ChangeNOW, a simple swap service integrated into the ARK Desktop Wallet via Plugin Manager. During October, they integrated ARK as part of their NOWPayments cryptocurrency checkout service.

ARK is now integrated into NOWPayments.

BiONE Exchange Listing. During October, ARK was added to the BiONE Exchange, a global retail digital cryptocurrency trading platform, established in 2017 in British Malta.

What’s Next

Our Q4 plan is to release new products and product updates to achieve a unified user experience. In 2021, we will be making more progress on ARK-powered swap markets and consensus mechanism upgrades. See more of what we’ll be up to soon on the ARK Roadmap.

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