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Rok Černec
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Date: 12th Mar 2018

ARK Sponsoring HackPrinceton Spring 2018

The ARK team is happy to announce that we will be sponsoring and attending HackPrinceton Spring 2018, which will run from the 30th of March — 1st April 2018.

Our team saw so much potential and thoroughly enjoyed last year’s Princeton hackathon so much, that we accepted their offer to return to Princeton for this Spring 2018 event.

ARK is one of the largest sponsors of HackPrincetonARK is one of the largest sponsors of HackPrinceton

A few words from HackPrinceton organizers :

“600 developers and designers from across the country to create incredible software and hardware projects. For 36 hours this spring, from March 30 to April 1, we will provide a warm and collaborative environment for you to build out brilliant, innovative, and impactful ideas.

At HackPrinceton, you’ll meet fellow hackers, learn new technologies, and work alongside seasoned mentors. We’ll have free food, swag, workshops, lecture series, mentorship, prizes, game, free food, and more. Don’t have a team, or even an idea? Don’t worry! We’ll give you the tools to build something incredible.

Whether you’re new to coding/design/hardware or a seasoned hacker, you have a place at HackPrinceton. All we expect is a passion for learning, a willingness to collaborate with people of different backgrounds, and a desire to benefit the world with technology. We’d love to see you here!“.

These hackathons are a great opportunity for ARK to onboard talent, for developers to get to know ARK more in-detail and to get them interested in all that ARK has to offer (and that is plenty for every programming niche, from simple blockchain apps, to more complex custom solutions).

For hackers and teams at HackPrinceton that want to be ready as soon as possible we have prepared a lightweight deployment script for creating your own ARK based blockchains, the ARK Deployer.

By utilizing the ARK Deployer, developers can create their own blockchain in a matter of minutes and start exploring the power of ARK dApps with simple REST APIs in more than 12 different programming languages.

Read the full ARK Deployer guide here https://blog.ark.io/ark-deployer-setup-guide-c10825ebb0e4.

The ARK team will be attending with a mix of ARK crew and community supporters/developers:

  • Mike Doty, ARK Co-Founder
  • Khanh Vuong — ARK Co-Founder
  • Simon Downey, ARK IoT dev
  • Karel L. Kubat — ARK community dev
  • Ruud Seegers — ARK community dev
  • Robert Hissink Muller — ARK community dev

To learn more about HackPrinceton Spring 2018 be sure to give their website a visit: https://www.hackprinceton.com


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