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Justin Renken
Reading time: 12 min
Date: 9th May 2019

Community Spotlight — April 2019 Edition

April is a wrap! We at ARK are proud of our determined and bright community, and our monthly Community Spotlight newsletter will keep you apprised on some notable community activities. Let’s dive into just some of the ways the ARK community shined in April 2019.


The Ark Ecosystem Subreddit is a great place to seek ARK knowledge, and you can always find new and engaging content there. New to ARK? Check out my Welcome to ARK Reddit Post with simple instructions to follow.

Here are some notable April posts:

You can browse more content and contribute your own voice to the ARK Subreddit- who knows, you may even receive an ARK tip from a community member using Delegate Cryptology’s intuitive ArkTippr Reddit tipbot.


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Some members mentioned in the community newsletter are ARK delegates, who secure the ARK network and provide community services. Their inclusion in the newsletter is in no way an endorsement from ARK.io to vote for specific delegates, and you should always do your own research and consider all the options when choosing a delegate for whom to vote. ARK.io does not run the ARK network.

Here’s the April 2019 Community Service Spotlight:

  • ArkTrends has returned, with new community stats this month. ArkTrends is now managed by ‘Jorma,’ who also maintains the ARK.dog Roadmap Tracker.
  • Delegate ‘Biz_Classic’ continued running their ARK faucet, which awards free ARK to its visitors.
  • Delegate ‘Del’ also continued operations of their ARK faucet.
  • Delegate ‘Fun’ continued to run ARK games online with daily ARK prizes.
  • Delegate ‘Alessio’ continued combing through ARK code to locate and repair vulnerabilities. Delegate ‘Alessio’ runs under a Forging for Security model, similar to ‘Jarunik’s Forging for Contributions model.
  • Delegate ‘Rising_Sun’ran general bounties for Spring. Any community member can earn and win ARK for their creative expressions each month. Here’s how it works. They also generously agreed to provide some ARK each month to the ARK Community Committee for various project maintenance.
  • Delegates ‘Goose’ and ‘ArkMoon’ continue their service, ARK CSV Generator and Income Estimator, to aid in trading and income reporting. You can input public keys to ARK addresses and get a report including fiat values. The resource does not constitute formal tax advice.
  • Delegate ‘Civseed’ released an improved website, featuring a QR builder and method to rebroadcast failed JSON transactions. Take a look at the new ark.party!
  • Delegate ‘Jarunik(website) runs a continuous coding and non-coding general bounty service, with opportunities for both smaller and larger projects. Get involved here. Jarunik also published a motionmap of ARK Core development over time. It’s interesting to see all the efforts of the ARK team and community developers in a visual way.

Motionmap of ARK Core development over time.- Community member ‘bootstr8’published an idea to collaborate with their music channel on Youtube. The community liked it and some sponsors came on board. Listeners can win ARK every day for thirty days, but then it was extended to 60 days, and then the prizes tripled.

Delegate Cam’s Yellow Jacket Video #1- ‘doubled1c3’ shared a media article where Coinplan featured ARK.


The ARK team has been sighted in the real world in April. Here are just some of the activities:

A view of Paris from the stunning Eiffel Tower.- In late April, a large portion of the ARK Team made their way to Paris, France to hold a General Assembly of the ARK business entity, listen to presentations, and meet with various arms of the French government. A full breakdown of the activities and implications therein can be heard on episode 37 of The ARK Crypto Podcast, and below you can see some of the highlights. ARK is incorporated in France as an SCIC, the first of its kind for crypto in the country.

Here’s a full breakdown of the ARK Team’s activities in France with additional details.

The ARK Team at the French National Assembly building.

The ARK Team meets with pro-crypto MP Jean-Michel Mis (center, olive suit).

The ARK Team wraps a meeting with personnel at the French Ministry of the Economy and Finance (included).

The ARK Team hears a presentation by blockchain-powered shopping rewards startup Sandblock featuring CEO Sarah-Diane Eck.

ARK CEO FX Thoorens corrdinates with MCBG Consiel President Philippe-Moreau Chevrolet prior to a presentation (left). Thoorens presenting ARK technology to various French government officials courtesy of startup assistance firm France Digitale (right)- ARK is doing great work in France, both as a pioneer in bridging crypto with the traditional world and driving adoption for the technology. French communication arm MCBG Consiel and recent French ARK hire Loïc Natchoo will be coordinating more heavily with the ARK blog to highlight ongoing efforts in France. Stay tuned to blog.ark.io for a catchup article on France activities in 2019 followed by monthly updates.

  • There is also a new ARK Adventure video on the way, where I take you along with us and show you what happened during our visit in Paris. You may also learn something new about ARK, as I will also cover some various ARK concepts in the video. Subscribe to youtube.ark.io and enable notifications and stand by for a premiere date.


Watch this video on how to get involved with ARK, all skills welcome.

Get involved with ARK in a multitude of waysARK COMMUNITY COMMITTEE

Our Cool ARK Community Committee LogoThe ARK Community Committee creates and deploys community resources through anonymous and sponsored ARK donations.

ARK Community Committee Promo Video- I am also working with the ACC dev team on a new project, details yet unreleased, codename ‘Project VISCOSI.’

  • The entire ACC will also soon act as participants alongside the entire community in two upcoming contests/bounties, with details coming soon.

To join the ACC, locate me on Discord.ARK.io which by the way, just increased its powers significantly with new bots, features, and feeds, courtesy of CMO Travis Walker’s oversight. ACC Projects are funded after the fact and pay is not guaranteed (fun is, though).


If you have an idea for an ARK project, large or small, and you are looking for funding, consider submitting a proposal to the ARK Community Fund for review. The ARK Community Fund started as a community initiative, and the elected board reviews ideas and projects that enhance ARK. Their website is ArkCommunity.Fund.

The opportunities that ARK Ecosystem provides are ever growing, and there are many ways you can get in on the action. To reach me, you can contact me on the ARK Slack or Discord: @Justin (doubled1c3).

Looking forward to May!


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