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Justin Renken
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Date: 6th Mar 2019

Community Spotlight — February 2019 Edition

February is a wrap! We at ARK are proud of our determined and bright community, and our monthly Community Spotlight newsletter will keep you apprised on some notable community activities. Let’s dive into just some of the ways the ARK community shined in February 2019.


Community Member Gonggrabber Ran a 10,000 ARK Video ContestThe 10,000 ARK Video Contest concluded in February. Details about the contest can be found in the January 2019 Community Spotlight. The contest was created and conducted by long-time community member ‘Gongrabber,’ and anyone who likes ARK was allowed to participate. After a voting period, the winning video emerged!

OMG! I can’t believe I won! Keep doing the great work. (Source)> Here’s the wrap-up article with thanks, entries, and more ways to earn ARK


As they say, the best things happen with help. That’s why ARK runs monthly bounty programs for coders who contribute to our codebase on the ARK Ecosystem GitHub. Independent programmers can work side by side with our international team and make the ARK toolkit even more powerful and stable. ARK is awarded to GitHub participants by way of the ARK GitHub Bounty Program. [*Learn more about the bounty program here**.](/blog/ark-development-and-security-bounty-program-arkio-blog)

The community Spotlight Newsletter only includes three featured commits, and you can see all the hard work of our GitHub participants at blog.ark.io !

  • GitHub member ‘dated’ implemented an important function in the ARK desktop wallet- searching delegates by name. This prevents any lengthy browsing that was needed to locate delegates to vote for out of the many choices available. Voting for a specific named delegate is now easier than ever.
  • GitHub member ‘dated’ also implemented a user experience improvement that now shows which wallet addresses are in voting status within the wallet addresses table. This means it will be easy to tell which wallet addresses are voting for a delegate, and which aren’t.
  • GitHub member ‘kalgoop’ squashed a small nuisance bug in the mobile wallet. When specifying ARK amounts to send, the interface was allowing more than eight digits of precision, causing an error when it came time to execute the send function. Now, the user is alerted right away of the issue. This has made the user experience in the wallet all the more smooth.

Multiple coders are contributing to the ARK toolkit 24/7, and you can too — it’s fun, rewarding, and you can earn ARK as well!

This guide will show you how to get started with coding for ARK.

If you don’t know how to code, but you have ideas to improve ARK open source projects, use this video to help you let developers know.

You can also now push issues onto ARK GitHub repos without a Github account using the Ark.Party Discord Bot.


The Ark Ecosystem Subreddit is a great place to seek ARK knowledge, and you can always find new and engaging content there. New to ARK? Check out my Welcome to ARK Reddit Post with simple instructions to follow.

Here are some notable February posts:

You can browse more content and contribute your own voice to the ARK Subreddit- who knows, you may even receive an ARK tip from a community member using Delegate Cryptology’s intuitive ArkTippr Reddit tipbot.


ARK CTO Kristjan Košič On The Cast Talking Utrecht Meetup, Dev Meeting, AIPs, And MoreArkCommunity.Fund Board Members Ray Alva (ACC) And Marc (Delegate Cryptology) On The CastContest Wrap-Ups & DecentralizedSummit.com Presentation Jan 29, 2019A Brief History Of Ark With Commentary Using ArkTimeline.comCOMMUNITY SERVICE SPOTLIGHT

Some members mentioned in the community newsletter are ARK delegates, who secure the ARK network and provide community services. Their inclusion in the newsletter is in no way an endorsement from ARK.io to vote for specific delegates, and you should always do your own research and consider all the options when choosing a delegate for whom to vote. ARK.io does not run the ARK network.

Here’s the February 2019 Community Service Spotlight:

Crypto school under construction in Indonesia.

Establishing ARK presence at the crypto school.- Delegate ‘Alessio’ continued combing through ARK code to locate and repair vulnerabilities, with update. Delegate ‘Alessio’ runs under a Forging for Security model, similar to ‘Jarunik’s Forging for Contributions model.

ARK Sticker featured on a custom, wearable, high-powered backpack speaker system- ‘AllThingsDecentral.com’ has physical ARK poker chips still available.


The ARK team has been sighted in the crypto community in February. Here are just some of the activities:

Catch me at the launch party for the ‘Crypto Blockchain Plug’ crypto community center this Saturday.- I will be attending the launch party for the ‘Crypto Blockchain Plug’ crypto community center taking place this Saturday March 9th, 12–7 PM in Inglewood, CA. There will be food, drinks, fun, and special talks about various crypto projects, ARK included! I will gather media at the event to share afterwards. Register FREE here.

Video tour of the ‘Crypto Blockchain Plug’ crypto community center in Inglewood, CA- ARK CMO Travis Walker put together and released a very well received article on how startups will choose to build their blockchains using customizable DPoS interoperable solutions. It’s a good read that sheds some light on how future startups may shift their thinking.

  • ARK CEO FX Thoorens continued efforts in France, where he sits on the Blockchain Commission of the French Digital Asset Association. The first missions will focus on mapping the existing blockchains and their uses according to business contexts. Fix was also spotted at the French National Assembly, where he was seen asking questions to French MP Pierre Person, known as a ‘crypto deputy.’ For more updates, follow ARK’s Instagram.

ARK CEO FX Thoorens on the Committee of the FD2A (left), and spotted at the French National Assembly (right).- Members of the ARK team attended a community-run meetup event in Utrecht, Netherlands on January 25th. The team members in attendance were ARK CEO FX Thoorens, ARK CSO Matthew DC, ARK CTO Kristjan Košič, ARK CFO Lars Rensing, ARK Finance and Compliance Manager Gerard Blezer, ARK Core Developer Joshua Noack, and ARK Community Engagement Manager Sam Harper-Pittam. This meetup was organized by Delegate TheFoundry. In February, after a teaser on Instagram, ARK.io released a video summing up the activities that took place there, with the editing help of Delegate ‘Cam’s Yellow Jacket.’

Video recap of the ARK Utrecht meetup, organized by Delegate The Foundry.GET INVOLVED

Watch this video on how to get involved with ARK, all skills welcome.

Get involved with ARK in a multitude of waysARK COMMUNITY COMMITTEE

Our Cool ARK Community Committee LogoThe ARK Community Committee creates and deploys community resources through anonymous and sponsored ARK donations.

  • The ACC’s first completed project is ArkTimeline.com. ArkTimeline now supports URL query string, to create links leading to custom views! Delegate ‘Rising Sun’ assists ArkTimeline maintenance by providing some ARK each month to the maintenance team.
  • The ACC is now pleased to release the second project (Codename: Project LAUDE), ArkThoughts.com! This new ARK resource has day/night mode, information on 30 ARK concepts, and over 60,000 words from community members like you. It is the result of the 30 Days of ARK Campaign that ran in December 2018, sponsored by Delegate ‘Jarunik.’

ArkThoughts.com is now live! Learn all about ARK through the eyes of its thriving community.- Delegate ‘Jarunik’ sponsored the 30 Days of ARK campaign with a generous allocation of 1000 ARK that was proportionately distributed to participants based on word count. Jarunik then provided an additional 1000 ARK to the ACC for processing of comments and website construction. Here’s the launch article. Jarunik helps the ACC continue to do the great work!

I’m giving a special thanks to all the participants who earned ARK for their efforts on this project. I manage projects, but I don’t keep any ARK for myself.

  • ArkThoughts Task Team @itsrayecho#7199, @carlyewicklund#6141, @Azzurrii-08#3982, @Patrick#4631, @AeonC88#8302, @Saltas#5914
  • ArkThoughts Dev Team @MisterH#4641, @Moe B#5512
  • ArkThoughts Host Delegate ‘Deadlock’
  • ArkThoughts Outreach Team @Saltas#5914

To join the ACC, locate me on Discord.ARK.io which by the way, just increased its powers significantly with new bots, features, and feeds, courtesy of CMO Travis Walker’s oversight. ACC Projects are funded after the fact and pay is not guaranteed (fun is, though).


If you have an idea for an ARK project, large or small, and you are looking for funding, consider submitting a proposal to the ARK Community Fund for review. The ARK Community Fund started as a community initiative, and the elected board reviews ideas and projects that enhance ARK. Their website is ArkCommunity.Fund.


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