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Justin Renken
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Date: 7th Jul 2019

ARK Community Spotlight — June 2019 Edition

June is a wrap! We are proud of our determined and bright community, and our monthly Community Spotlight newsletter will keep you apprised regarding notable community activities. Let’s dive into just some of the ways the ARK community shined in June 2019.


The Ark Ecosystem Subreddit is a great place to seek ARK knowledge, and you can always find new and engaging content there. New to ARK? Check out my Welcome to ARK Reddit Post with simple instructions to follow.

Here are some notable June posts:

You can browse more content and contribute your own voice to the ARK Subreddit- who knows, you may even receive an ARK tip from a community member using Delegate Cryptology’s intuitive ArkTippr Reddit tipbot.


Some members mentioned in the community newsletter are ARK delegates, who secure the ARK network and provide community services. Their inclusion in the newsletter is in no way an endorsement from ARK.io to vote for specific delegates, and you should always do your own research and consider all the options when choosing a delegate for whom to vote. ARK.io does not run the ARK network.

Here’s the June 2019 Community Service Spotlight:

New ARK Wallpaper (Hi-Res)- To celebrate the launch of the delegate node, Delegate ‘Superskeuo’ came up with a unique bounty idea.

Delegate Cam’s Yellow Jacket released their second video on youtube.ark.io- ‘CryptoMC,’ who also runs the Arkifier Email Notification Service, published a procedure for installing ARK Core on devnet using CentOS7.

A brand new ARKDelegates.io- Delegate ‘Echo’ provides legal insight to the ARK community by way of a legal research team. In June, ‘Echo’ provided an update and also announced new delegate services.

  • Delegate ‘alessio’ announced a bounty program for running devnet nodes. The ARK Devnet is used to test code changes in the real world before pushing live onto the ARK Public Network. Anyone can launch a forging delegate node and forge DARK, but also receive actual ARK through the campaign!
  • ‘PJ’ of slack.ark.io made a cool IoT demo of an ARK vending machine.

ARK Bridgechain Vending Machine Demo- The ‘***Korea Young Innovation Party’*** has decided to launch a blockchain project development team using ARK technology. Nice!

The “Team In the Community” section will be moving to its own newsletter moving forward, featuring notable team activities and new content.


Watch this video on how to get involved with ARK, all skills welcome.

Get involved with ARK in a multitude of waysARK COMMUNITY COMMITTEE

ARK Community Committee Promo VideoThe ARK Community Committee creates and deploys community resources through anonymous and sponsored ARK donations. Completed ACC projects include:

  • ArkTimeline.com — All ARK’s achievements and accomplishments in one place, searchable filterable, and linkable by query string.
  • ArkThoughts.com — Community opinions on 30 ARK concepts, including the Core, wallets, Explorer, SmartBridge Technology, and media channels.
  • Edits of the ARK Whitepaper are coming along very well, and following this, a new contest will launch featuring ARK and prizes.
  • I have also recently seen some results from the ACC Dev Team and their efforts to overhaul ArkStickers.com with a facelift and live ARK Pay integration. Looks great so far! It will be live soon.

To join the ACC, locate me on Discord.ARK.io.


If you have an idea for an ARK project, large or small, and you are looking for funding, consider submitting a proposal to the ARK Community Fund for review. The ARK Community Fund started as a community initiative, and the elected board reviews ideas and projects that enhance ARK. Their website is ArkCommunity.Fund.

The opportunities that ARK Ecosystem provides are ever growing, and there are many ways you can get in on the action. To reach me, you can contact me on the ARK Slack or Discord: @Justin (doubled1c3).

Looking forward to July!


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