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Rok Černec
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Date: 1st Mar 2019

February 2019: ARK GitHub Development Bounty Program

February 2019 is over and it is now time to thank and reward all of the talented community developers who continue to push ARK forward!

The volume and quality of pull requests continues to increase! It is never too late to board the ARK and help with development — get involved, participate in the bounty program, learn and earn all at the same time!

We remain deeply thankful for those who contribute each month and are always thrilled to see new faces. Be sure to help spread the word about our bounty program with your developer friends.

Don’t know what this is about and want to get involved? Please have a read at : https://bounty.ark.io

This post is for the monthly GitHub bounty program, all security vulnerability reports can be seen in our dedicated repository on GitHub: *https://github.com/ArkEcosystem/security-vulnerabilities.

February 2019 Participants:

dated — $715 USD

Number of pull requests: 23

  • refactor: use the Core 2.0 API 2019–02–15 13:07:10 —explorer#524 $300 USD
  • feat: add remote sorting to delegate table 2019–02–16 09:50:55desktop-wallet#1080$50 USD
  • feat(core-api): search delegates by usernames 2019–02–26 07:08:30core#2143$50 USD
  • refactor: correctly sort wallets and contacts in overview and sidebar 2019–02–07 09:53:34desktop-wallet#1044$50 USD
  • feat(core-api): add sorting to voters endpoint 2019–02–16 06:50:41core#2103$50 USD
  • feat: save chart period in store and local storage 2019–02–20 16:29:40explorer#570$25 USD
  • fix/refactor: pagination issues, voter count & voters 2019–02–26 15:50:26explorer#572$25 USD
  • misc/feat: copy button in wallet table, redirect & success message 2019–02–06 17:24:13desktop-wallet#1053$25 USD
  • fix: make contacts container scrollable 2019–02–04 17:53:43desktop-wallet#1052$10 USD
  • fix: dashboard transaction loading and sidebar placeholder 2019–02–08 19:33:04desktop-wallet#1065$10 USD
  • fix: table column sorting 2019–02–16 01:40:36explorer#564$10 USD
  • fix: transaction timestamp and vote count 2019–02–16 08:33:37explorer#567$10 USD
  • refactor: start ‘stopped’ process through start command 2019–02–28 04:41:46core#2174$10 USD
  • fix: show voted delegates in wallet table 2019–02–27 13:15:07desktop-wallet#1099$10 USD
  • fix: mobile blocks table and standby delegate approval tooltip 2019–02–20 16:52:18explorer#571$10 USD
  • fix(core-api): pass query to findAllByVote method 2019–02–22 17:06:07core#2142$10 USD
  • feat: allow iteratees of orderBy to be functions 2019–02–23 11:45:46utils#8$10 USD
  • fix: block and transaction confirmations 2019–02–23 17:40:27explorer#576$10 USD
  • fix: get balance for unowned wallets 2019–02–25 16:13:23desktop-wallet#1094$10 USD
  • fix: save label only when dismissed with ‘submit’ role 2019–02–01 12:53:31mobile-wallet#265$10 USD
  • chore: add COSS wallet 2019–02–20 06:50:37explorer#577$5 USD
  • fix: add subject to clipboard button upon resetting tooltip 2019–02–13 11:41:29desktop-wallet#1064$5 USD
  • fix(core): return correct suffix for core:restart command 2019–02–25 07:39:26core#2150$5 USD
  • chore: stage linted files before commit 2019–02–26 18:28:41desktop-wallet#1102$5 USD

paroxysm — $700 USD

Number of pull requests: 3

  • Separate business-logic from data-layer logic in core-database/postgres 2019–02–05 06:26:31core#2055$350 USD
  • Consolidate core-api’s repos into core-database & core-database-postgres 2019–02–20 12:08:59core#2107$250 USD
  • test(core-database): add tests to blocks & transactions business repos 2019–02–25 04:01:52core#2147$100 USD

ciband — $30 USD

Number of pull requests: 2

  • Feat: Add GTest/GMock support for ESP32 2019–02–14 03:50:45cpp-client#66$25 USD
  • Fix PIO CI Builds 2019–02–19 03:29:01cpp-crypto#70$5 USD

Nigui — $27 USD

Number of pull requests: 3

  • Migrate skeleton to typescript 2019–02–21 14:20:56core-plugin-skeleton#5$25 USD
  • docs: fix readme AIP number 2019–02–12 11:47:27AIPs#67$1 USD
  • docs: update aip status in readme 2019–02–11 09:50:25AIPs#66$1 USD

kalgoop — $20 USD

Number of pull requests: 2

  • refactor: maxlength of vendorField 2019–02–28 20:33:02desktop-wallet#826$10 USD
  • fix: amounts with higher precision 2019–02–05 18:52:35mobile-wallet#237$10 USD

vulet — $12 USD

Number of pull requests: 3

  • fix: input-fees to input 2019–02–26 17:01:48mobile-wallet#286$10 USD
  • fix: docs filepath 2019–02–07 09:16:41desktop-wallet#1062$1 USD
  • fix: docs filepath 2019–02–07 06:04:06pay#8$1 USD

JeremiGendron — $10 USD

Number of pull requests: 1

  • docs: improve developer guidebook 2019–02–07 10:51:52docs#233$10 USD

deanpress — $1 USD

Number of pull requests: 1

  • Fix typo in transactions.md 2019–02–24 04:39:58docs#281$1 USD

slyg — $1 USD

Number of pull requests: 1

  • Fix typo on GraphQL section title 2019–02–13 16:30:24docs#274$1 USD

Are there any other development bounties going on?

Yes! There is also the community run ACF (ARK Community Fund) — read more here:

And remember to join our Slack!


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