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Rok Černec
Reading time: 2 min
Date: 13th Feb 2017

How To Install / Update ARK Desktop Wallet (Testnet)

THIS GUIDE IS FOR TESTNET FOR MAIN NET FOLLOW THIS GUIDE: https://blog.ark.io/how-to-install-reinstall-desktop-wallet-v-1-0-1-mainnet-37786476eb56

Follow these simple steps in order for you to properly setup the new client and prepare it for the Testnet V3.

1st: Download latest release from our GitHub for your environment ( Windows 32/64, Mac or Linux):

2nd: Open the appropriate installer on your computer and install the new client

3rd: Start the new ArkClient


  • If you have never had any Ark Desktop client installed in the past you will only need to check if nethash settings are reflecting and prepared for new testnet. In order do this click on the gear icon (1st icon in the upper menu) — a menu will open click on manage networks and check if you have the same nethash it should be like this:

Nethash should be set as: 4befbd4cd1f2f10cbe69ac0b494b5ce070595ed23ee7abd386867c4edcdaf3bd

And Seed Server* as: http://node1.arknet.cloud:4000 or

Click on Save if you made any changes!


Once you install the new Ark Client you will need to flush your local storage so previous data will be erased from the cache. In order to do this start the Ark client and press :

ctrl+d — Windows ctrl+d — Linux cmd+d — MAC

A window will popup on the right side of the screen (look at the image):

In the upper part of the screen you will see a menu click on console and write localStorage.clear();window.location.reload(); and press [enter] . This will flush previous data from the client and automatically reload the client (notice there won’t be any addresses present anymore in My Accounts).

Now the next step for you is to either import account (you can use passphrase from previous testnet it will reflect the same ark address) or **create account (**this will create a new account).


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