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Ray Alvarez
Reading time: 3 min
Date: 7th Apr 2020

How To Launch Your HTML5 Game In The ARK Desktop Wallet

With the recent launch of the ARK Plugin manager, the ARK Desktop Wallet has become more than just a wallet for storing and staking your ARK. Whether it is installing different wallet themes, tools, exchanges or games, the plugin manager is bringing simplicity and robust features into the hands of users. One of the most popular areas for growth within the plugin manager is the ability to convert HTML5 games into plugins for the entire ARK Ecosystem. Launching your game in the ARK Desktop Wallet is not only simple but brings additional possibilities for developers to include exciting new features within their applications.

In order to bring more opportunities into the hands of developers, we have partnered with Delegate Fun of the ARK Public Network and are bringing you a series of tutorials for converting HTML-5 based games into plugins! Over the course of the next few weeks, we will walk you through everything you need to be able to configure your game to work as a plugin. Each tutorial covers all of the basic elements for porting your HTML5 game to a plugin. These tutorials themselves provide an easy step-by-step guide so that developers of all skill levels can benefit from the process. Developers will start by importing an ARK address into their application. From there, tutorials will focus on how developers can track points, send and receive transactions, calculate rewards and work with a betting system.

By the end of these tutorials, you will be able to publish a working game inside the ARK Desktop wallet for everyone to use! Not only will this benefit developers looking to get their games in front of a new audience, but there are other exciting benefits as well. Games that are built to work in tandem with a blockchain benefit from fair gameplay, global leaderboards and can even reward players with cryptocurrency for participating! In addition, developers also benefit from being able to earn revenue by launching games on the ARK Desktop Wallet.

Each tutorial will dive into the fundamental parts for running your game in the ARK Desktop Wallet. The tutorials will be broken down into the following sections:

Make sure you bookmark this page so you can stay up to date on the latest tutorials in this 6-part series. We will link all tutorial posts above as they are released.

The only thing left to do now is to dive into the first tutorial which starts off with How to import an ARK address into your application. While all tutorials are easy to follow and for developers of all skill levels, do not be afraid to reach out if you get stuck. Feel free to join our Slack and post any questions you may have in our help section.

As you get started with the tutorials, you may also want to become acquainted with the Plugin Manager. Check out the Plugin Manager by downloading the latest Desktop Wallet and see how easily you can bring your projects to life!


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