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Ray Alvarez
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Date: 6th Oct 2020

Introducing the New ARK Docs — Guides, Tutorials, and More

Introducing the New ARK Docs — Guides, Tutorials, and More

Since its inception, <em>ARK Docs</em> has always been a valuable resource for our community. Everyone from developers to our partners have utilized ARK Docs to work on their own projects, tools and services. Today, we are happy to showcase the new ARK Docs which will become your main hub for documentation, tutorials, guides and more!

The New ARK Docs

A clean new design is immediately apparent. Just as with all of our products, we have standardized and streamlined our design across multiple areas (all our upcoming projects will follow this new design style). In terms of ARK Docs, we have incorporated this simple layout with major documentation split among our eight main products.

New ARK Docs are accessible at https://ark.dev

A quick glance reveals exactly what you need. Click a product and go straight to that products main documentation. Selecting Core will take you to the Core introductory page and from there you can navigate to other specific areas.

The content is organized simply and clearly. Different categories include architecture, services, transactions, how-to guides and update guides.

Additional Guides and Tutorials

In addition to our main product guides, users will find other ARK related guides. There are guides for exchange integration, API guides and guides for our ARK Grants and Security/Development Bounty Programs. Additionally, our Software Development Kits are available in six popular programming languages!

This new documentation will be an important resource for developers and partners. Additionally, our multi-part tutorials clearly illustrate how to apply ARK’s Blockchain Framework to specific applications.

Each tutorial series will be broken down in easy to digest parts where developers can tackle a project all at once or break it down into manageable sections over time. We already have two great tutorial series available at launch within ARK Docs and more on the way!

If you would like to see a specific tutorial or have a request, you can reach out to us by using the ARK Docs contact form: https://ark.dev/contact

As our products evolve and our community continues to expand, so will ARK Docs. The information within ARK Docs will be a valuable resource to the entire community that will constantly evolve to reflect the needs of developers, partners and community members.


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