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Rok Černec
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Date: 2nd Feb 2019

January 2019: ARK GitHub Development Bounty Program

The First month of 2019 is over and so wraps up the first of 12 monthly development bounty program updates. We have seen an increase in quality provided pull-requests which helped us push the new Desktop Wallet update much quicker than expected. It is also great to see a few new faces just joining and getting familiar with our program — welcome on board and we hope to see you stay.

Don’t know what this is about and want to get involved? Please have a read at : https://bounty.ark.io

Thank you very much to all who help us build a better open-source software for the needs of tomorrow!

This post is for the monthly GitHub bounty program, all security vulnerability reports can be seen in our dedicated repository on GitHub: *https://github.com/ArkEcosystem/security-vulnerabilities.

January 2019 Participants:

dated — $568 USD

Number of pull requests: 38

  • feat: support for tabular layout 2019–01–17 00:35:49desktop-wallet#852$100 USD
  • refactor: disabled tab buttons if count is zero & fixes 2019–01–25 14:47:44explorer#556$25 USD
  • refactor: differentiate between wallet and contact rename 2019–01–24 20:12:13desktop-wallet#988$25 USD
  • refactor: increase ui/ux on qr code scanner 2019–01–30 10:58:13desktop-wallet#1028$25 USD
  • feat: add sidebar animation 2019–01–28 13:54:11desktop-wallet#1021$25 USD
  • feat/refactor: adjust announcement section to fit new design 2019–01–21 14:51:42desktop-wallet#982$25 USD
  • feat: persistent sorting in wallet/contact table 2019–01–25 20:07:23desktop-wallet#1002$25 USD
  • chore/refactor: merging of master branch and refactoring 2019–01–25 16:19:00explorer#557$25 USD
  • feat: add action column to wallet table 2019–01–17 19:25:08desktop-wallet#985$25 USD
  • feat: different style for names provided by the network & ui fixes 2019–01–24 20:36:47desktop-wallet#991$25 USD
  • feat: chart reload button on error 2019–01–16 17:24:31explorer#551$25 USD
  • misc: merges and resolves conflicts of the latest prs to master 2019–01–08 15:44:06explorer#540$10 USD
  • fix: save label only when dismissed with ‘submit’ role 2019–02–01 12:53:31mobile-wallet#265$10 USD
  • fix: check if contact address or name is already present 2019–01–15 16:27:56desktop-wallet#955$10 USD
  • refactor: transaction filtering 2019–01–10 04:00:31explorer#542$10 USD
  • fix: change delegate voting banner if wallet is not owned 2019–01–14 08:38:46desktop-wallet#953$10 USD
  • refactor: adjust dropdown styles 2019–01–11 07:23:22explorer#546$10 USD
  • fix: close menus/search when clicking outside 2019–01–11 04:12:43explorer#547$10 USD
  • fix: use env variables for database creation 2019–01–17 09:46:28core-commander#109$10 USD
  • refactor: new wallet selection styles and ui 2019–01–21 19:59:50desktop-wallet#1006$10 USD
  • refactor: overall latest transactions per profile 2019–01–30 18:10:03desktop-wallet#1034$10 USD
  • fix: correctly handle zero balance on wallet heading info 2019–01–21 11:50:33desktop-wallet#1000$10 USD
  • misc: ui tweaks and typos 2019–01–07 13:32:52desktop-wallet#921$10 USD
  • fix: handle unsuccessful unvote transaction 2019–01–10 04:20:19desktop-wallet#949$10 USD
  • refactor: success/error colors and delay on clipboard button tooltip 2019–01–22 10:13:30desktop-wallet#1010$10 USD
  • refactor: transaction helper props in store getters 2019–01–07 12:21:14desktop-wallet#927$10 USD
  • feat/fix: validation on sign/verify modals & signed messages alignment 2019–01–24 20:20:12desktop-wallet#1014$10 USD
  • fix: add forged to delegate model 2019–01–25 19:57:05desktop-wallet#1017$10 USD
  • fix: broadcasting modal not closing 2019–01–29 15:50:28desktop-wallet#1038$10 USD
  • misc: correct placement of dropdown 2019–01–10 13:20:33explorer#544$10 USD
  • refactor: display default token while waiting for network token 2019–01–04 12:23:10explorer#538$5 USD
  • improvement: make wallet heading name more visible in dark mode 2019–01–20 12:01:25desktop-wallet#996$5 USD
  • fix: conditional alignment of items 2019–01–21 14:12:46desktop-wallet#1005$5 USD
  • misc: invert identicon hover behaviour 2019–01–28 13:50:29desktop-wallet#1025$5 USD
  • fix: responsive wallet link 2019–01–03 05:02:43explorer#534$5 USD
  • misc: add selector to purgecss whitelist 2019–01–15 04:31:25explorer#549$1 USD
  • chore: title mixup 2019–01–16 17:25:29security-vulnerabilities#2$1 USD
  • chore: contributors link 2019–01–23 03:36:53utils#7$1 USD

ItsANameToo — $122 USD

Number of pull requests: 6

  • feat: broadcast to multiple peers 2019–01–14 20:20:02desktop-wallet#937$100 USD
  • fix: make tests pass again and other circle issues 2019–01–04 05:04:13explorer#536$10 USD
  • fix: cast type to integer so it properly filters “all” 2019–01–07 10:32:20explorer#539$5 USD
  • fix: set default fees on transfer screen so send all properly works 2019–01–04 17:59:59desktop-wallet#930$5 USD
  • chore: update OKEx wallet 2019–01–25 05:33:25explorer#554$1 USD
  • docs: add missing authors to desktop wallet 2019–01–05 13:03:47docs#229$1 USD

JeremiGendron — $110 USD

Number of pull requests: 12

  • test(core-jest-matchers): increase coverage 2019–01–14 05:57:22core#1968$25 USD
  • test(core-logger-winston): increase coverage 2019–01–16 11:31:10core#1966$10 USD
  • fix(core-api): prevent cold wallet response 2019–01–10 04:10:38core#1955$10 USD
  • tests(crypto): Increase coverage and mark private methods 2019–01–08 05:15:08core#1950$10 USD
  • feat: Clarify custom peer disconnection 2019–01–07 19:09:44desktop-wallet#939$10 USD
  • fix(ui): Give hover class to WalletNew ButtonReload 2019–01–07 13:29:47desktop-wallet#920$10 USD
  • feat: Reset the headerType to null (default) when clicking outside search bar 2019–01–03 05:02:29explorer#516$10 USD
  • refactor(core-json-rpc): mark __ methods as private 2019–01–18 03:38:50core#1997$5 USD
  • fix: Provide chart tooltip when hovering on x-axis 2019–01–16 14:20:55desktop-wallet#973$5 USD
  • test(crypto): bignumber coverage 2019–01–16 06:58:21core#1984$5 USD
  • test(core-debugger-cli): increase coverage 2019–01–15 03:05:30core#1975$5 USD
  • refactor: intro screens text content 2019–01–09 15:42:09desktop-wallet#916$5 USD

ciband — $96 USD

Number of pull requests: 12

  • chore: Apply clang-format 2019–01–16 17:21:32cpp-client#56$10 USD
  • chore: Apply clang-format 2019–01–15 04:40:41cpp-crypto#44$10 USD
  • chore: Clang Tidy Fixes 2019–01–10 04:16:05cpp-crypto#42$10 USD
  • chore: add clang format support 2019–01–10 04:09:13cpp-crypto#43$10 USD
  • chore: add clang format support 2019–01–10 04:04:56cpp-client#52$10 USD
  • feat: Add clang tidy support to CI 2019–01–04 05:26:43cpp-crypto#39$10 USD
  • feat: Add clang tidy support to CI 2019–01–04 05:03:18cpp-client#49$10 USD
  • chore: Clear warnings 2019–01–03 04:24:07cpp-client#47$10 USD
  • fix: Correct PIO builds 2019–01–28 04:06:49cpp-crypto#52$5 USD
  • chore: Ignore 3rd party headers in clang-tidy 2019–01–11 05:07:50cpp-client#51$5 USD
  • chore: consolidated PIO configuration 2019–01–11 04:38:43cpp-client#48$5 USD
  • chore: Correct typo 2019–01–04 05:18:38cpp-crypto#40$1 USD

paroxysm — $80 USD

Number of pull requests: 5

  • refactor: export and use core-snapshots types 2019–01–05 07:28:40core#1947$25 USD
  • feat(core-interfaces): initial implementation 2019–01–03 06:54:15core#1924$25 USD
  • refactor: remove hacky use of ‘global’ in transaction builder tests 2019–01–14 06:16:17core#1971$10 USD
  • refactor: export core-api types 2019–01–07 07:03:22core#1948$10 USD
  • refactor: export core-blockchain types 2019–01–04 05:27:15core#1943$10 USD

Highjhacker — $65 USD

Number of pull requests: 5

  • feat: Implemented transactions filter on the homepage 2019–01–08 13:37:57explorer#535$25 USD
  • feat: Allow transactions filtering by types 2019–01–03 05:01:53explorer#513$25 USD
  • docs: add and fix go client examples 2019–01–03 05:00:45docs#224$5 USD
  • docs: update responses examples 2019–01–03 05:00:29docs#223$5 USD
  • fix: switch body and queryString parameters inside the create method 2019–01–03 04:59:51go-client#39$5 USD

moazzamak — $50 USD

Number of pull requests: 2

  • Addressing Long Range Attacks in AIP25 2019–01–12 07:24:39AIPs#44$25 USD
  • AIP-25: Providing PoW like guarantees on (D)PoS networks 2019–01–02 18:17:25AIPs#37$25 USD

vmunich — $25 USD

Number of pull requests: 1

  • AIP-26: URI Scheme Improvements 2019–01–09 09:06:14AIPs#41$25 USD

lutfinn — $25 USD

Number of pull requests: 1

zillionn — $11 USD

Number of pull requests: 2

  • Design improvements 2019–01–08 01:00:59desktop-wallet#816$10 USD
  • fix AIP-26 link 2019–01–09 11:31:04AIPs#43$1 USD

kalgoop — $10 USD

Number of pull requests: 1

  • feat: disable ‘sendall’ when user focuses amount 2019–01–16 18:41:54desktop-wallet#688$10 USD

marekhoeven — $10 USD

Number of pull requests: 1

  • refactor: position of votes 2019–01–25 10:57:15explorer#555$10 USD

galperins4 — $10 USD

Number of pull requests: 2

  • docs: update delegates and transactions missing endpoints 2019–01–11 04:12:24docs#225$5 USD
  • Python-Client SDK Examples Updates 2019–01–02 04:01:02docs#222$5 USD

KaiserKarel — $5 USD

Number of pull requests: 18

  • move from uint16 to uint32 2019–01–08 05:26:47go-client#41$5 USD

vulet — $5 USD

Number of pull requests: 1

  • fix: installation of separate libs 2019–01–31 14:52:48docs#256$5 USD

Nigui — $2 USD

Number of pull requests: 2

  • fix: broken link to event-emitter getEvents method 2019–01–10 04:19:51docs#230$1 USD
  • fix: wrong derivation source of wallet address 2019–01–10 04:18:33docs#231$1 USD

paulallenpierce — $1 USD

Number of pull requests: 1

alessiodf — $1 USD

Number of pull requests: 1

geopsllc — $1 USD

Number of pull requests: 1

  • chore: use generic name for logo 2019–01–25 05:36:03explorer#553$1 USD

Are there any other development bounties going on?

Yes, there is also the community run ACF (ARK Community Fund) — read more here:

And remember to join our Slack!


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