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Rok Černec
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Date: 20th Jul 2020

Meet Edgar Goetzendorff — ARK’s Newest Full-Stack Developer

Given the extensive roadmap that we want to tackle this year, it was necessary to bring in more developers to help speed up development. Our newest hire is Edgar, whom most of our community already know under the username ‘dated’.

As our roadmap for this year is packed with new and upcoming products and services (MarketSquare, Deployer, Desktop Wallet v3, Mobile Wallet v2, Core v3, and Platform SDK) we needed more developers who write solid code, have a proven track record of being reliable and are familiar with ARK and all its mechanics. Who better knows that than our all-star participant and winner of our GitHub Development Bounty Program multiple times over, Edgar Goetzendorff.

About Edgar

Edgar’s childhood started with computers, as his father is a programmer and always had old computer parts lying around at home. Edgar used to pick the best parts and assemble his own computers. He was constantly repairing and tinkering with things when something broke — figuring out while trying to fix them. Edgar was around the age of 12 when he started building simple websites using HTML and CSS. One of his first hobby projects at the time was developing a website that could showcase achievements and gear for players of an Italian online text-based role-playing game. Software programming soon caught Edgar’s attention and one thing led to another.

During his studies and his work towards a degree in computer science, he worked at an online travel agency that focuses on B2B and VIP travel, redesigning the backend applications and helping out with day-to-day operations and customer support. For the last three years, he has been employed by a company that builds software solutions for traffic engineering and public transportation.

These days, he is mostly working with JavaScript and TypeScript, the predominant languages of ARK technology. Other languages and frameworks he is familiar with are Python, Ruby and PHP. In the past, he’s used CakePHP and Yii PHP frameworks, but as ARK is using Laravel for its projects, he wants to get his hands dirty and learn that as one of his next professional goals.

Edgar will, first and foremost, help with the development of the next generation of Desktop Wallet that is coming out this year, but he is versatile and will jump around on other products as needed.

When asked how he learned about ARK:

Actually I found out about ARK through one of its early Bridgechains. Only after submitting some bugfixes for the then available commander on GitHub and unexpectedly receiving my first bounty, I joined the ARK Slack and was instantly hooked by the warm and welcoming community which ultimately allowed me to become a Forging Delegate.

Outside of his career, he is a husband and a father. In his free time, he likes to solve riddles and go geocaching, as well as photography.

Welcome to the ARK family, Edgar! We wish you the best in continuing to do the great work we have seen from your long tenancy in the Development Bounty Program.


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