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Justin Renken
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Date: 20th Mar 2020

Meet Elaine Egan — ARK’s Newest Community Engagement Manger

We are proud to announce our newest team member, Elaine Egan. Elaine will be working with the entire team to help drive and increase community participation by engaging with the community across multiple social media platforms.

Say hello to our new team member Elaine. Elaine has joined us as our new Community Engagement Manager. She will be working to drive and increase community participation. Working across our social media and communication platforms, she will be answering your questions and keeping you up to date with our latest news.

About Elaine

Elaine has been running her own digital agency for several years. She bootstrapped the company by providing digital services to a few local small businesses. Through hard work and determination, the agency grew steadily and its client base expanded. Eventually, the agency was providing digital services to a wide range of clients including universities, charities and larger companies.

Elaine’s roles in the full-service agency varied, and she wore many hats. She was responsible for sales, marketing, design, customer support, managing social media channels, SEO and content creation. This meant she had to be extremely versatile and fast on her feet when it came to getting things done.

This diverse skill set makes her a good fit for helping support and grow our community.

Elaine Discovers Crypto

Elaine first became interested in cryptocurrencies and blockchain in 2017. She dabbled in trading but quickly realized she didn’t have the nerves of steel needed to trade regularly. This didn’t put her off though. She was eager to learn more about these new disruptive technologies and she took a variety of online courses including the University of Nicosia’s course “Introduction to Digital Currencies”.

After successfully completing this course, she studied with the Cryptocurrency Certification Consortium. Elaine passed their exam in March of this year and today she can call herself a Bitcoin Certified Professional.

Elaine Finds ARK

When asked why she was interested in joining us, Elaine replied by saying that she was originally drawn to ARK by the open and friendly nature of the community (well-done everyone!). She is also interested in the way ARK makes it easy for anyone to spin up a blockchain. In her own words:

“I’m interested in the way ARK makes it easy for anyone to spin up a blockchain. Why should developers have all the fun?!” — Elaine Egan

Elaine enjoys pushing herself and learning more about current trends and technologies. When she’s not checking the crypto charts and lurking on social media she can be found kickboxing — you have been warned!

Welcome, Elaine!

We couldn’t be happier to have Elaine join the ARK Team and offer her skills and talents in furthering the ARK Ecosystem. We believe she will bring a new perspective to our growing community and has a lot to offer to our communications and outreach strategy as well. Catch her on Slack.ARK.io at ’@Elaine [ARK Team]’ and on Reddit.ARK.io as ‘elainecara.’

Welcome to the ARK family, Elaine!


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