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Rok Černec
Reading time: 2 min
Date: 20th Aug 2018

Meet Erwann Gentric — ARK’s Newest Core Developer

It has been a busy month at ARK with the addition of many new team members - and we are not done yet! Our newest hire is Erwann Gentric.

Erwann has been on our radar for some time now having been active in our GitHub Development Bounty Program. His enthusiasm and willingness to help already show in his implementation of cool new features in the ARK mobile wallet (BIP39 passphrase validation, word suggestion, word hide while typing, …) and he is always reaching out to ask if there is work to do and reveals himself as exactly what we look for in developers. He is hard working, self-incentivized and a self-learning individual.

Erwann graduated from INSA Lyon (France) engineering school in 2013 where he studied Computer Science with a focus on Software Development. During that time, he started dabbling in web development and Javascript with side-projects and internships. He also spent a year at Universidad de Barcelona (Spain) studying business. He is very passionate about new tech innovations and how they can improve people’s lives, and he truly believes blockchain will have a tremendous positive impact in the future.

Up until now, he has primarily worked in the healthcare industry building applications to assist doctors, nurses and administrative staff in their jobs, thereby improving patient care in the hospital.

He is proficient in a variety of programming languages, tools, devops, server administration and is a very quick learner. Erwann likes to write modern (ES6) Javascript code that is clean, understandable and tested, and he also understands P2P, cryptography and networking which will come in handy while working on the ARK Core.

Erwann’s main role at ARK will be working on Core development. Some of his initial tasks will include bringing up code coverage (test suite) and leading up our quality assurance (QA) (which is a process of determining whether a product or service meets specified requirements).

He is very excited to join the ARK team and immediately start working - and we are thrilled to have him. Welcome Erwann to the ARK family or send him a congratulations on slack at username @ air1 and show him some love!


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