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Rok Černec
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Date: 1st Apr 2020

Meet Jolan Beer — ARK’s Newest Developer

We are happy to announce our newest team member, Jolan Beer (yeah it’s not a typo). Jolan although new to being a member of the ARK team has been involved with ARK for some time now as a community member and developer.

Jolan will be fully focused on the development of the next generation of the ARK Deployer that will come to light later this year. The new ARK Deployer is being built with Laravel, a PHP web application framework.

About Jolan

Jolan became a developer at the age of 17 but has had a vast interest since getting his first computer as a child. He wanted to know more about the internals of it and was really interested by the fact that you could give life to an idea and see concrete results by programming. He still remembers the great days of Webxpert & Dreamweaver and the mighty title of “webmaster” that came with it. Software development is one of the fields where you actually have a chance to become a developer by self-learning, which was Jolan’s case, and he took full advantage of that opportunity.

Jolan is most interested in web development in general, but he mostly specializes in Laravel / PHP and Python. His daily arsenal also revolves around front-end bits which are mostly done in VueJS and TailwindCSS. In the near future, he’d also like to spend some time on functional programming with Elixir and learn more about that.

Jolan has been a loyal community member almost since the beginning, during which time he developed a lot of useful ARK and crypto projects such as (to name only a few):

  • Arkvatar—generating unique identicon based on your crypto / email addresses.
  • ARK Wallets — Allow to easily monitor your wallets for ARK and bridgechains.
  • Golden Horde Website — a website for one of the ARK’s delegates.
  • Alexark — getting the price of ARK through the Amazon Alexa robot.
  • ARK Hue Delegates Nodes — ARK interacting with Philips Hue light for Delegates nodes

His previous dedication and strive to create while using ARK, gave us enough to see he’s dedicated, loyal, easy to adapt and is not afraid to take on challenging tasks.

On the question of why he joined ARK:

Because it’s the project I’m the most tied to, the community, the tech, and the team. I’ve been around for years now and learned a lot while being here, and I had the idea to join the team for a while now.

He spends most of his free time gaming or coding. Gaming wise he’s a huge fan of RTS and management games. “These are my favorite kind, I started with Age of Empires 2 as a kid and it never stopped since then”, he said.For a couple of years he’s been playing a game named “Rimworld” and in his own words it’s probably one of the best of the genre, and he would highly recommend it to whoever is an RTS freak like him.

Welcome to ARK family Jolan, we hope you’ll enjoy working with us and keep on grinding and learning while becoming an integral part of this team.

P.S.: we definitely envy your last name.


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