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Travis Walker
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Date: 13th Aug 2018

Meet Justin Renken— ARK’s New Communications Specialist

We would like to introduce ARK’s newest team member Justin Renken, our new Communications Specialist. His roles as Communication Specialist include Community Management, Educational Resources, and Community Outreach.

Justin will be assisting Matthew, Rok and Travis with ARK educational resources. He will also be filling some Community Management roles like Slack chat, Reddit and other community engagement platforms.

Justin comes from a very diverse background. He has experience in infrared photonics, and is a co-author of a published patent for thermal imaging products in industrial automation and laboratory use. His experience also includes writing, developing applications in OpenG, creative media, sales and support, music production and advertising.

Some of you may be familiar with Justin’s work and community engagement already. Here are a few of his more well known accomplishments:

  • Contributed to the ‘blockchain concepts’ section of our documentation at ARK’s Docs.
  • Created and operates ArkStickers.
  • Contributed to ARK Directory Kits in the form of his ARK Presentation Series.
  • Created an ARK overview video.
  • Collaborated on multiple community projects with other ARK community members.

Over time, Justin is expected to become more outward-facing as new opportunities arise to hone ARK’s messaging. That may include videos, live streams, speaking at small events, and more. He will be focused on enabling new community members to get up to speed with ARK concepts quickly and efficiently.

We are ecstatic to have Justin on the team, and can’t wait to put him to work. He is very active on Slack and Reddit already, make sure to welcome him to the team. He goes by @Justin (doubled1c3) on slack, and doubled1c3 on Reddit.


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