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Rok Černec
Reading time: 2 min
Date: 14th Aug 2018

Meet Mario Vega — ARK’s new Technical Writer & Developer

We would like to introduce ARK’s newest team member Mario Vega, our new Technical Writer & Developer. His role as a Technical Writer includes creating simple and in-depth tutorials, thorough documentation, technical breakdowns and tutorials for building real-world applications on ARK.

Mario has an extensive background in development and will use his years of experience to help the development team dissect every aspect of the ARK code and distill it into easy to understand tutorials and articles.

Mario has development experience in PHP, Javascript, NodeJS, HTML5, CSS3, Advanced SQL, Golang and much more. He also graduated from Brown University with dual degrees in History and Screenwriting. This gives him an acute ability to understand code and turn it into tutorials an documentation.

Some of his previous work experience includes SEO, software design, project management, content creation, customer relations & sales, Google analytics, DevOps, web design and full stack development. He also recently did some in-depth ARK analysis in 2 blog posts:

He’ll continue his work on similar articles and make the technical aspects of ARK easy for anyone to understand. As he settles into his new position some of his initial tasks include rearranging ARK’s documentation articles for a better flow, adding additional information to ARK Documentation and writing up examples of how to utilize ARK tools to build up apps.

Mario is thrilled to be working with us and we are thrilled to have him. His unique skill set will be invaluable to ARK and the Ecosystem as a whole.


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