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Rok Černec
Reading time: 2 min
Date: 4th Apr 2019

Meet Michel — Our Newest Frontend Developer

Michel isn’t a new face to the ARK Ecosystem, he’s been around for a while and has been consistently active in the GitHub bounty program. After all, that is where he caught our eye (and you know us, we do have an eagle eye focused on our Github bounty contributors). Furthermore, he has helped us out before with the development of the ARK Desktop Wallet v2 and the Swift SDK.

Michel has been interested in computers and programming his entire life. He started by repairing and building computers at a young age, and ultimately received a master’s degree in Computer Science. His previous work experience was in the healthcare industry as a full-stack developer, working at a company focused on making personal health records and medical information easier to see, manage and share.

In his spare time, Michel likes to expand his knowledge by diving into new programming languages and development frameworks, trying to challenge himself whenever possible. This was what led him to contribute to the ARK bounty program. Among other things, he is currently exploring the possibilities that plugins bring to the ARK Core.

He has knowledge of a variety of programming languages and frameworks, including JavaScript, TypeScript, Vue, React Native, Angular, Swift, Java, Python, PHP, Laravel, HTML5, CSS3, .. and more. He’s a quick learner and won’t back down from a challenge. Furthermore he’s interested in cryptography, which of course is a good thing when working for a blockchain company!

We welcome his skills and enthusiasm and believe he will be a great addition to an already fantastic development team. His contributions will help us reach our goals faster and put additional eyes on our codebase daily.

An initial task of Michel’s will be to finish development of the new and upcoming Website v2. Also, he will tackle some of the pending Desktop and Mobile Wallet features that we wish to implement. His primary role at ARK will be front-end development, but he won’t turn down a task and will gladly get his hands dirty by digging deep through our Core and other future ARK projects.

Michel is eager to start and we’re excited to have him as a new member of our ARK family. Welcome aboard Michel!


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