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Matthew Cox
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Date: 11th Dec 2018

Meet Sam Harper-Pittam — ARK’s New Community Engagement Manager

The ARK Team is proud to announce our newest family member, Sam Harper-Pittam (AKA Pieface). Sam will fill the role of Community Engagement Manager for the ARK Ecosystem and will be tasked with continuing to build on our relationship with the ARK community.

One of his primary duties will be to provide support and guidance to new users and serve as a moderator for Slack, Discord, and the ARK subreddit. Sam will also help steer our outreach efforts by finding new and creative ways for the ARK Team to interact and connect with the ARK Community.

Sam came to ARK from an engineering background after taking an apprenticeship position at a telematic engineering company upon leaving school. Sam’s roles and responsibilities over the 13 year period transitioned from repairing faulty hardware, to installing telematics equipment into vehicles for the emergency services to intensively testing new software releases to find faults within the application before release to the customer.

After the company pivoted due to the economic climate, Sam transitioned to providing mission critical support to the Department of Health in the UK. His ability to clearly and concisely communicate faults, issues and fixes to high level personnel, in often very pressured situations, is something that we feel will be beneficial to his role at Ark.

Sam discovered Ark in May of 2017 after researching multiple blockchain projects and felt a combination of DPoS and Ark’s vision had the potential to solve many problems within the industry. Upon joining the Ark Slack, Sam became an incredibly active member of the community and initiated community focused events such as the Christmas Sweepstakes.

Due to his experience in server management, Sam knew he could contribute more to the network and in July of 2017 he ran a successful campaign to become an ARK Delegate. Over the past 18 months, Sam has built strong relationships within the ARK community that include everyday users, his fellow delegates & the Ark team. Those who are active on Slack, Reddit and Discord will know him by the name Pieface.

Sam has made a great impact on the ARK Ecosystem through his positive attitude, willingness to help others, and stellar performance as a delegate and overall community member. We couldn’t be more excited to welcome him to the team! You can find Sam on Slack as Sam (pieface) or on Twitter @SamHarperPittam.


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