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Rok Černec
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Date: 3rd Dec 2018

New Frontiers: ARK Desktop Wallet v2

With the release of ARK Core v2 we are happy to announce the much awaited ARK Desktop wallet v2, which lets users interact with the ARK blockchain (and other ARK-chained networks).

The new ARK Desktop Wallet is here — rewritten, refreshed, and packed with some exciting new features. Without further ado, you can download the new wallet from the link below.

The new wallet is available for download at :

Hashes for 2.0.0. of Desktop Wallets (SHA256)

  • Linux (Ark.Desktop.Wallet-2.0.0.tar.gz) c1d206b9c66af30cd45b17e6de875449101612e21df449f77befd22ca84fcca9
  • MacOS (Ark.Desktop.Wallet-2.0.0.dmg) 0789c28a621f179ffef4a49b2584b04e4b0bf39d6639dcde64c46af8161988cb
  • Ubuntu (Ark.Desktop.Wallet-amd64–2.0.0.deb) d70c6e2a7a50bfab8669b3344904e52b8b6e9f7a9e99a27b39c1a432045daeed
  • Windows X86 (Ark.Desktop.Wallet-x86–2.0.0.exe) 20af80670a8ca205912f3e64076c67b171558a25c83cf369a249e81d8a59d874
  • Windows X64 (Ark.Desktop.Wallet-x64–2.0.0.exe) 2c11414b8227be17f9585aa6bddb7fc9475c6f75ba933d5f385001bda1fe8f58

Join the dark or the light side — the choice is entirely yours

Default specific wallet view

What’s new?

  • Codebase — rewritten from scratch with VueJS and TailwindCSS which brings in cleaner code. We have also switched to the latest Electron framework.
  • Smoother experience — with using all of the latest packages and frameworks, the user experience should be smoother than in previous versions of the wallet.
  • V2 ready — the new Desktop wallet is already using API v2 of the new Core so it’s future ready for all of the improvements we still have in store.
  • Dynamic fees — you can now set how much you want to pay for each specific transaction you send. This will open up the opportunity for the so called ‘fee marketplace’ where delegates can set their fees and users can pay what they deem fit. Please note that if you set fees too low your transaction might never be confirmed and setting lower fees might mean more time for it to be confirmed than from the default values that were present in v1 (you can still use those for almost immediate confirmation).
  • BIP38 Encryption of passphrases — we have added an option to encrypt your passphrase with a custom password. The encrypted passphrase gets saved on your computer and you can now sign your transactions with your chosen password which decrypts your passphrase that gets saved on your computer. Make sure you still make a backup of your passphrases - if the wallet gets corrupted or your computer breaks you won’t be able to recover it!
  • Latest news — a new feature that lets you read snippets of news inside the wallet. Get all of the latest ARK related news without leaving your wallet.
  • Profiles — we have added profiling to the desktop wallet so you can make different profiles.
  • Market chart — similar as with our explorer and mobile wallet we have incorporated a new market chart inside the wallet.
  • Transaction data in the wallet — clicking on a transaction inside the wallet now opens a modal to show more detail.
  • Identicons — each ARK wallet is represented with a unique identicon so you can more easily distinguish them.
  • Updated signing — signing and verifying messages has been improved for better UI experience.

These are just some of the features that were introduced in the new wallet. Give it a spin and look around for yourself!

What’s next for ARK Desktop Wallet v2?

Our initial focus will be to bring the plugin based system from Ark Core to our Desktop Wallet. This will not only make it even more powerful, but will provide developers with an option to build exciting new features within the wallet that can expand the functionality and add all new capabilities.

After that we have even more in store such as:

  • Adding improved Changelly integration (changelly has been temporarily removed due to the upgrade) — We will be updating the Changelly integration to better blend with the overall design of the wallet and detract less from the user experience. The previous integration worked, but was clunky at times.
  • Upload custom avatars — an option to upload custom avatars to be used for the profile.
  • Export specific transactions to CSV or JSON — instead of just exporting the transactions, this feature could be combined with others, such as filtering, to export only some transactions.
  • Tag transactions — add offline tags to transactions for easier searching.
  • Sounds — add optional sounds for incoming / outgoing transactions? Up for discussion.
  • New identicons — provide alternative choices for identicons / update current ones.
  • Custom backgrounds — add more backgrounds for selection and make it possible to upload custom ones.
  • Import wallet data — make it possible to import wallet data (eg. when migrating from computer to computer).
  • Filtering — filter wallet data by amount or label.
  • QR Payment info — extend QR code component to also be used for additional payment information (e.g. should be possible to create a QR code that you can send to someone else to pay you).
  • Transaction timestamp offset based on NTP — to mitigate if users OS time is not properly set.
  • URI improvements — open transaction modal once app has loaded for better UI, without the need to have selected wallet opened already.
  • Statistics — various statistical numbers for users wallets.
  • Signing/verifying messages with Ledger — after we update our Ledger app you will also be able to verify and sign messages with your Ledger Nano S.
  • Naming Addresses — adding the ability to custom name addresses and wallets including ledger addresses for easier organisation

And much, much more that will be added as we get input from the community.

P.S. If you have any features you would like to see in the wallet, make sure you open a Github issue.

I found a bug / issue what do I do?

Please open an issue with all of the details at:

I want to help with development what do I do?

Please open pull request and don’t forget we are also running Github development bounty so you can earn some extra ARK.


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