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Justin Renken
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Date: 28th Feb 2020

New Members Announced in ARK Advocate Program

In 2019, ARK.io launched a new program aiming to train people to speak about ARK in their local area. ARK.io recently finished training new members of the ARK Advocate Program, and one of them even has an event already in the books. Read more about the event that took place near the end of this article.

Visit the ARK Advocate Program web page here: https://ark.io/ark-advocate

What is the ARK Advocate Program?

The ARK Advocate Program is a new initiative that empowers community members to receive certification to represent ARK.io in an official capacity. This program enables ARK.io to better recognize, support and collaborate with our community members who wish to contribute to our community growth. Blockchain events, conferences, and meetups are ever-growing in popularity and scope, creating an exciting opportunity for ARK Advocates to step in and discuss all things ARK while handing out swag and earning bounties for doing so!

The ARK Advocate Program will enable community members to travel, host, attend and present at the following events:

  • Community Meetups
  • Small Conferences
  • Workshops (if technical requirements are met)

The initial launch of the program came along with a blog article as well as the video below:

Program Training Period

Since the program launched, we held an application window where people could submit an application to join the program. From there, we began the process of educating and training the applicants on everything ARK — from the history, to the network properties, to the development framework features, whitepaper topics, and project goals.

The process took a little longer than expected due to scheduling, working out the initial kinks of the program, dealing with major roadmap items simultaneously and holiday breaks, but we have our first group of advocates ready to rock and they are looking forward to spreading the good word about ARK.

Let’s Meet the First ARK Advocates!

With all that said, let’s meet the first group of ARK Advocates who will keep their eyes and ears open for opportunities to speak about ARK in their local area (in no particular order):

Samuel Zwaan, AKA Yokoama of Delegate The Foundry.Samuel Zwaan, AKA Yokoama of Delegate The Foundry.

Samuel Zwaan

Samuel first joined the ARK community around two to three years ago. Having taken interest in the project, he said he started off by just ‘hanging around’ in places like Slack.ARK.io . He then joined as a board member of the ARK Community Fund and launched a forging delegate node on the ARK Public Network with another community member called The Foundry. Outside of ARK activities, Samuel is currently the product lead for programmatic ads for eBay EU, and enjoys Crossfit, watching tons of movies and wishes to get a law degree as well. Samuel is looking forward to seeing ARK grow.

You can reach Samuel on Slack.ARK.io as ‘Yokoama (thefoundry delegate).’

Nico Engelhardt, AKA Tk0n of Delegate The Foundry.Nico Engelhardt, AKA Tk0n of Delegate The Foundry.

Nico Engelhardt

Nico has been a long time community member within ARK and jokingly refers to himself as the ‘better half’ of Delegate The Foundry alongside Yokoama in the ARK Public Network. Nico has been involved with ARK since 2017 and has made a lot of friends in the community. Outside of his involvement with ARK, Nico works in IT, mainly Server Administration and Networking. Nico enjoys punk rock music and attends many concerts, as well as fine woodworking with a long term dream to do it full time. Nico looks forward to many more meetups and for ARK to reach its rightful place within the ‘World of Blockchain.’

You can reach Nico on Slack.ARK.io as ‘Tk0n (thefoundry).’

Cameron Haag, AKA Cam of Delegate Cam’s Yellow JacketCameron Haag, AKA Cam of Delegate Cam’s Yellow Jacket

Cameron Haag

Cam has been in the ARK community for over two years, and his faith in the project has never faltered. According to him, it’s due to the great team, community, and technology. Cam has run relay nodes, traveled to an ARK-themed meetup in NYC, sold products in exchange for ARK, hosted community events and is now a member of Delegate Cam’s Yellow Jacket. Outside of ARK, Cam is a Systems Analyst for the SSA but is also on a current detail as a Technician for the Web Application Security Team, where he audits code for the agency’s applications. Cam is also a Crew Chief (Aircraft Mechanic) in the US Air Force Reserves. Some of his personal interests include running, Crossfit, beer, video games, board games, military history, and events, as well as hanging out with his dogs. Cam has been involved with ARK for many moons and he anticipates it will be for many more.

You can reach Cam on Slack.ARK.io as ‘Cam (Cams_Yellow_Jacket).’

Mike Redmon, AKA Spaghetti of Delegate CivseedMike Redmon, AKA Spaghetti of Delegate Civseed

Mike Redmon

Mike first found crypto years ago, and he became involved with ARK in the Fall of 2017. Mike made many friends and built relationships with developers along the way. During 2018, he started the website ARK.party , and in early 2019 began forging ARK as Delegate ‘Civseed.’ In 2019, Mike focused on decentralized applications using ARK technology, starting with a communications Proof-of-Concept called ARK Dandelion. Outside of ARK, Mike enjoys reading philosophy, listening to amateur radio and writing free (as in freedom) software. Mike looks forward to communicating with others about ARK and its potential as a software stack to empower social contract.

You can reach Mike on Slack.ARK.io as ‘spaghetti (ark.party / civseed).’

First Event is in the Bag

Already having announced these new ARK Advocates, we have the first speaking opportunity already completed. Samuel Zwaan located a group called ‘The Rotary’ that meets regularly in Asperen, a small town in The Netherlands. The group recently held an event pertaining to blockchain and crypto on the evening of February 24th where Samuel was invited as a guest speaker. The attendees were curious about blockchain and crypto and wanted to know more about altcoins and engage in discussions pertaining to advantages and disadvantages. As a guest speaker, Samuel gave a talk about ARK.

What’s Next for the Program and How to Join

Our new group of ARK Advocates will continue to keep their eyes and ears open for more opportunities to spread the good word about ARK. We also foresee ARK-themed events in the future, as well. As more events occur, we will keep you informed. We will be looking for even more advocates to apply soon, so stay apprised on Twitter.ARK.io , Reddit.ARK.io and this blog for further announcements. Let’s wish our new advocates’ lots of luck!


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