Rok Černec
Reading time: 2 min
Date: 13th Nov 2017

PYTHARK : Python API Wrapper for ARK

ARK is happy to announce PYTHARK , an alternative API wrapper developed in the Python programming language to interact with the ARK blockchain. This is the second Python integration for ARK accompanying ARKY , developed by community developer Toons.

Project link:

PYTHARK was developed by Jolan Beer, one of ARK’s community developers. It is a new, more modular integration of the Python programming language for ARK. It offers easier, more compact, and leaner interactions with the ARK network. PYTHARK also offers all of the essential features that call upon the ARK blockchain using Python:

  • Getting all info from a specific account, block, delegate, peer, …
  • Getting information on multisignatures,
  • Broadcasting transcations over the ARK network,
  • And much, much more, …

PYTHARK is well documented so you can get started quickly and is fully tested (test units have been written).

The package PYTHARK can be used everywhere where Python fits: inside a web app, a CLI script, a desktop app. For instance, inside a web app, we can use PYTHARK to interact with ARK and process the response on the front end, by using the data for drawing charts in JS.

Python is a great starting language as it’s widely taught in universities and used for working with beginner and IoT friendly devices such as the Raspberry Pi . Python is powerful and fast, plays well with others, runs everywhere, is friendly & easy to learn and most of all it’s open to anyone(just like ARK’s philosophy).

Jolan is currently working on example apps coded in PYTHARK to display the power of this library (for example ARK Discord bot — ) so stay tuned and check out his Github repo often.