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Ray Alvarez
Reading time: 6 min
Date: 1st Sep 2020

The New ARK Desktop Wallet: Revealing the World’s Most Extensible Crypto Wallet

Since the ARK Desktop Wallet first launched, it has been an industry stand-out as both a secure and intuitive solution for holding and staking your ARK. With the release of MarketSquare , Deployer and our other upcoming products, our designs have been normalized to be uniform and interconnected with one another. This normalization extends to our entire platform, including one of our most popular products, the ARK Desktop Wallet.

It is with great excitement that we announce the new version of the ARK Desktop Wallet — The World’s Most Extensible Crypto Wallet that’s coming out this year!

When we say that the ARK Desktop Wallet will be The World’s Most Extensible Crypto Wallet, we truly mean it. The new wallet will immediately stand out as the industry’s first fully modular crypto wallet. Why? Because we believe in making products that give you, the user, the power to choose what works best for you! Let’s dive in and go over how the new Desktop Wallet will put the power back into your hands.

Choose Your Assets

Over the last three years, we have learned a lot from listening to our community. One thing we know for sure is that our users love the ARK wallets. If you ask members of the community what drew them to ARK, many would tell you that the wallet is one of their favorite aspects of the ARK Platform. We wanted to be true to what has made our wallet so beloved in the past while creating new opportunities by opening up our wallet to a larger community of users. With that in mind, we have built a new wallet to support multiple cryptoassets.

That’s right- the new desktop wallet is built to provide integration of all of your favorite assets as well as any ARK-based cryptoasset.

Integration into the new wallet for ARK-based projects is simple and easy. By launching your Blockchain with the ARK Blockchain Framework, your token will be compatible with the ARK Desktop Wallet as soon as it is deployed. Additionally, for developers looking to start their own projects on ARK, our products will provide an easy pathway towards being a part of an interconnected ecosystem. Developers can use the new Deployer to launch an ARK-based Blockchain. This will allow them to be automatically integrated with the new ARK Desktop Wallet and then use the wallet to set up their profile on MarketSquare, opening up their project to our entire community.

For assets that are not ARK-based, we will be using our new Platform SDK to integrate across our entire platform. The insight gained from working on ARK’s Platform SDK has played a major factor in how we approach the integration of new networks and assets within the wallet. The ability of our team to be able to work with multiple assets within the wallet was no easy task. Truth be told, many popular assets make it incredibly difficult to easily obtain network-specific data, transaction history and more. ARK’s Platform SDK has solved this issue and now our new desktop wallet will benefit from being able to easily integrate different blockchain networks.

By integrating different assets into the wallet, we allow users the ability to choose which assets are important to them. We are building a more open and collaborative process with other crypto projects, and we will add new assets regularly once we launch the new ARK Desktop Wallet. We have already added quite a few of the industries most popular cryptoassets, with plans to add many more as time goes on after release.

Choose Your Plugins

The extensibility of the ARK Desktop Wallet doesn’t stop with just multiple assets. The entire wallet can be extended and enhanced through the use of the built-in Plugin Manager. Users can add new features like an easy access Block Explorer, track Delegate rewards by installing a Delegate Calculator, or take a break and play some games with other members of the ARK community. It’s all made possible through the Plugin Manager.

For developers, the Plugin Manager allows you to build new features into the ARK Desktop Wallet to take advantage of your network or application. The multi-asset nature of the wallet combined with the Plugin Manager creates a powerful tool for any blockchain developer. Coupled with our tutorials and strong documentation, we believe the ARK Desktop Wallet is the best solution for any developer looking to get started with blockchain technology.

Choose Your Exchange

We weren’t kidding when we said we took extensibility to heart. The ARK Desktop Wallet not only allows multiple assets and custom plugins but also allows users to choose from a variety of exchange services. Choose from popular services like ChangeNow and Switchain, with additional providers being announced soon. Find the best fees or just use your personal favorite to swap assets quickly and easily. With the ARK Desktop Wallet being multi-asset, these services provide an easy and convenient way for users to purchase and exchange assets- all without ever leaving the wallet.

The Power of Choice

While there is a wide variety of different wallets within our industry, the new desktop wallet is the industry’s first fully modular crypto wallet. We knew that in order to provide users with a great wallet, we needed to be flexible. All users within the industry are different, thus there is no cookie-cutter template that will appeal to everyone. That is why with the new wallet you have the power to choose the things that are most important to you.

The new desktop wallet also allows for voting and staking with all of your ARK-based coins. Search for Delegates, see rankings, Delegate information and more from directly within the wallet. Remember that voting with your ARK-based coins does not send your balance to a Delegate, it merely assigns vote weight which will automatically adjust itself based on your balance.

When it comes to holding and staking your assets within a wallet, we know that the utmost priority is security. Each wallet address is secured with a mnemonic passphrase that no one has access to except for you. Also, with built-in Ledger Hardware Wallet integration, we continue to expand security options in order to put your mind at ease.

We Want to Hear From You

One of the most valuable parts of developing our wallet is the feedback we receive from our users. So we want to know — what are you most excited about in the new wallet? What assets would you like to see listed? Do you have any other questions about how the new wallet will work?

Be sure to ask questions using the following link and get answers directly from members of the ARK team: Desktop Wallet V3 Questions

We look forward to updating you on the progress of the new desktop wallet as well as all of our other upcoming products. Be sure to follow our social channels below as we post regular updates.


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