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Justin Renken
Reading time: 4 min
Date: 26th Apr 2019

The Spend.com App Now Operational for ARK with Fiat and VISA Capabilities

We are very excited to announce that ARK can now be bought, sold and spent using the Spend.com app. ARK users throughout the US now have the option to use the Spend app to integrate ARK into their daily lives. This article covers the features that have been tested and confirmed by myself so far.

Contrary to a recent ARK community video’s quote, you can now use ARK to buy more than “exactly one hot dog,” as the video suggests. The Spend App has recently launched for Android, complimenting its iOS release, and the app offers a host of financial tools for crypto users.

The Spend app can hold crypto assets like ARK, and the app converts to fiat in the background with each swipe of the VISA card. With VISA behind the wheel, this app bridges ARK with over 40 million merchants worldwide. The Spend app appears to sport nominal fees and offers spending rewards via the SPND token.

Curious and skeptical, I had to see this for myself and confirm the functions of the app. I was very pleasantly surprised. Here is a list of activities I was able to personally confirm, using the app as a United States citizen:

  • Downloaded and installed the app on Android
  • Completed identity process without delays
  • Deposited ARK into the multi-asset wallet
  • Paid the one-time membership fee via ARK (Level 1: $25)
  • Activated a virtual VISA card instantly
  • Linked ARK wallet to the virtual VISA card
  • Used the virtual card to purchase a product online
  • Confirmed real-time background conversion of ARK to USD
  • Noticed an apparent fee of ~22 cents for a purchase of ~22 dollars
  • Ordered physical card (5–7 days processing)
  • Withdrew ARK from the multi-asset wallet on-chain

Virtual VISA card is functioning as intended, linked to ARK. USD conversion occurs live in background.Below is a list of activities I haven’t personally verified yet. Feel free to hit our Subreddit and let us know if they work. However, to my knowledge, they are expected to work as intended as of now:

  • Using the Spend app as a Canadian citizen
  • Linking USD/CAD bank account
  • Depositing and withdrawing USD/CAD
  • Using the app via iOS
  • Buying and selling virtual assets directly with USD/CAD
  • Receiving a physical card in the mail
  • Upgrading to Preferred or Black card with increased perks
  • Using the card with a non-US/CA merchant, as a US/CA citizen
  • Using the Spend app as an EU or Asian citizen (the Spend FAQ is a bit hazy on this)
  • Biometric and Two-Factor app security
  • Activating ‘SPND discounts’
  • Sending virtual assets via username, email, or mobile number

Live view of ARK on the Spend.com app.Here is a list of activities that appear to be coming Soon™:

  • Buy digital assets with credit or debit card
  • Receiving a physical card as an EU or Asian citizen
  • Creating a virtual card and instantly linking to ApplePay or GPay
  • Utilizing Spend loan services

Finally, here’s something that needs confirming:

  • Setting up recurring buys of virtual assets

Note: ARK in the Spend wallet cannot be used in voting.

We are all extremely pleased to have ARK among the very exclusive list of virtual assets currently available on the Spend app. While we will do our best to inform you of future developments, you can dial into the Spend community via YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, or Telegram.

Disclaimer: The statements in this article shall not be interpreted as financial advice nor a solicitation of investment.


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